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Home and Away’s Ethan Browne was separated from daughter for a year

Home and Away’s Ethan Browne’s private life with daughter Aaylah after one year separation away from Tane Parata

The Parata family made a splash as they arrived in Summer Bay, however, personal trainer Tane has had a rough time after being stalked, breaking up with Ziggy and personal drama

After making his debut on the serial in February 2020, Ethan Browne has rapidly become a fan favorite among Home and Away viewers.

His character has experienced a lot of heartbreak, including a terrifying encounter with a stalker, the termination of his love with Ziggy Astoni, and the imprisonment of his brother Ari.

The actor is from New Zealand, and when he moved to Australia to follow his aspirations, he had to leave his daughter behind.

How old is Ethan and where is he from?

Ethan is around 30 years old and is from a small town in New Zealand called Wairoa.

The soap star is of Maori descent and represents his heritage in many ways from performing the Haka on Home and Away to sharing parts of the culture on his social media.

After viewing movies as a kid, Ethan declared he wanted to be an actor. In his back garden, he would even reenact fight scenes from action movies with his brother and relatives.

He is a martial artist who practices taekwondo, muay thai, and kung fu. He is also a talented musician who began playing several instruments as a toddler.

Does Ethan have any children?

Yes, Ethan has a daughter named Aaylah, whom he welcomed at the age of 16.

After she was born, the actress decided not to pursue performing and instead pursued a profession in civil engineering.

The father and daughter are extremely close, but Ethan relocated to Australia from New Zealand after pursuing acting.

Due to Covid-19 regulations, the two were separated for a year, and Ethan was unable to return home to see her.

He was ultimately able to catch a flight in December 2020 and astonished Aaylah.

The actor could be seen cuddling his daughter in an emotional video, expressing how difficult the distance was for them.

It was “indescribable and inexplicable,” he said, but love “transcends the physical,” and their separation only reinforced their bond.

Ethan made sure to name his daughter his “Angel” on her 13th birthday in September 2021, and to say that all he does is for her.

How did Ethan get into acting?

Ethan eventually followed his acting dreams and relocated to Australia to further his education.

He lived in Brisbane for a while before moving to Sydney to study at the National Institute Of Dramatic Arts.

Ethan won a three-year deal with Home and Away not long after graduation, giving it his first major acting credit.

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