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Home and Away’s James Stewart’s bright and stylish house with co-star wife Sarah Roberts away from Justin Morgan role

While he is living with partner Leah Patterson in Home and Away, in real life, James lives with his co-star wife Sarah Roberts and his daughter Scout in a modern and cosy home

Since assuming the role of Justin Morgan on Home and Away, James Stewart has become a household name.

In the soap, he shares a home with his partner Leah Patterson, but in real life, he and his co-star wife Sarah Roberts share a stylish and cheerful home.

After first meeting on the set of the popular soap drama, the couple married in 2019.

Sarah was a member of the main cast from 2017 to 2021, playing Willow Harris, and James originally joined the program in 2016.

James also has a daughter named Scout, whom he has with his ex-girlfriend Jessica Marais.

A statement white couch sits in front of enormous sunflower paintings in their living room.

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There’s also a dark hardwood nonagon-shaped coffee table where the pair enjoys their wine, cheese, and crackers.

The living area has a giant flat-screen TV that is surrounded by tall green plants, making it a fantastic location for them to sit back and relax.

In their huge kitchen, James and Sarah have plenty of room. It includes a white marble top island, white presses, and stainless steel countertops in the cabinets.

With fresh flowers placed beside their sink, they like adding some bright and natural aspects to it.

The bathroom of the Home and Away stars contains white tiles, a large bathtub, and a light shower curtain for privacy.

In their dining area, the three of them also meet together for delectable-looking meals. It has a long wooden table on one end and two benches and seats on the other.

James Stewart with his wife Sarah Roberts and his daughter Scout

James Stewart and his wife Sarah Roberts in their living room

James’ wife Sarah Roberts in their kitchen

Some bright flowers in their kitchen

James’ wife Sarah Roberts posing in their bright bathroom

James’ wife Sarah Roberts hanging out in their living room

James’ wife Sarah Roberts in their kitchen

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