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Home and Away’s Justin Morgan faces feud with Alf Stewart after burial drama

Next week on UK television, Justin Morgan of Home and Away has a falling out with Alf Stewart.

After multiple attempts to defend Leah Patterson’s troubled nephew Theo Poulos, Justin (James Stewart) meets Alf’s wrath.

In this week’s shows on Channel 5, Alf (Ray Meagher) becomes enraged when he learns that his grandson Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) was buried alive as part of an internet video challenge by Theo (Matt Evans).

Despite Ryder’s willingness to participate in the stunt, Alf blames Theo’s poor influence for the near-disaster.

Next week, Justin approaches Alf’s daughter Roo (Georgie Parker) tentatively to see if they can reconcile their new family gap.

Roo claims that Alf is to blame for the latest outbursts at the hospital, but she disagrees.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no reason for Alf to reason with Theo, and when they next cross paths, he bursts in rage.

Justin determines that it is time to safeguard Theo and goes to Alf’s house to confront him.

He insisted that Alf watch all of Ryder and Theo’s stunt videos, claiming that they were both equally responsible for their reckless behavior.

This plan does not impress Alf, and he tells Justin to leave the Stewart family home.

As Justin unwillingly departs, he thinks that he has exacerbated the situation.

Justin later informs Theo about how Alf is like a father to Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

Justin acknowledges that Leah, who is currently in Cyprus, would be distraught if she lost Alf as a result of the family fight.

Theo urges that he try to make amends with Alf, but Justin advises that he wait until the tensions have subsided.

When Alf storms into the garage to intimidate Theo, he clearly has other plans. Is this a new escalation in the conflict?


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