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Home and Away’s Lincoln Younes and ABC star Costa Georgiadis lead celebrities protesting Australia

Home and Away’s Lincoln Younes and ABC star Costa Georgiadis lead celebrities protesting Australia Day as they attend ‘Invasion Day’ march in Sydney

Actor Lincoln Younes from Home and Away and ABC celebrity Costa Georgiadis participated in a “Invasion Day” protest against Australia Day festivities on Friday in Sydney.

Lincoln posted a picture to Instagram while he joined thousands of people across in protesting for Indigenous rights and against Australia Day, which is observed on January 26.

The actor only used the colors of the Aboriginal flag—black, yellow, and red—as the caption for the picture.

Costa, who was spotted at the demonstration wearing red shorts and a white T-shirt, joined Lincoln.

Wearing a brown hat, a shaggy beard, and disheveled hair, he blended in with the throng.

Home and Away star Lincoln Younes (pictured) and ABC star Costa Georgiadis attended an ‘Invasion Day’ rally in Sydney on Friday to protest Australia Day celebrations

In the meanwhile, Abbie Chatfield announced that “because it is Invasion Day,” she will not be posting a new episode on her podcast.

Hello to all of you! Since it’s Invasion Day, there won’t be a Nightmare Fuel episode tomorrow. Rather, we have compiled a list of the marches and protests taking place in the major cities.

“What was, is, and always will be.”

Nasser Sultan, a former cast member of Married At First Sight, has denounced Australia Day as a holiday.

The only nation that commemorates the day of its invasion is Australia. Which is comparable to America throwing a pool party on Pearl Harbor Day,” he added.

Matty Fahd, star of Gogglebox, paid homage to Indigenous Australians on Australia Day.

He posted a picture of two Aboriginal women hoisting the Australian Aboriginal Flag on Instagram.

He wrote, “Always was always will be,” as the post’s caption.

Jesinta Campbell also published a harsh essay on Thursday, denouncing Australia Day as a commemoration of “colonization.”

The 32-year-old former Miss Universe Australia, who is wed to Indigenous Sydney Swans player Lance “Buddy” Franklin, used Instagram to repost a number of posts from well-known opponents of Australia Day.

‘Invasion Day’ was put underneath in strong letters, and the words ‘Australia Day’ were crossed out in the first post.

“The coming of one race at the expense of another,” it went on. Are you going to acquire the correct place names of the land you reside on? After completing this, research the events they host on this day or throughout the year. Visit them. Become immersed in the culture.

The graphic that stated, “Australia is the only country that marks colonization as their national day,” was finally reposted by Jesinta.

On Thursday, Jesinta Campbell also shared a blistering post condemning Australia Day as a celebration of ‘colonisation’


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