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Home and Away’s Lynne McGranger’s 40-year romance, daughter’s wedding, turning 70 and leaving soap

The Irene Roberts actress has been through the wringer on the soap, with her character acting as the host to nearly every runaway, orphan and mystery person that arrives in Summer Bay

Thanks to her portrayal of Irene Roberts, Lynne McGranger is the Australian actress with the longest tenure in the same role.

She began performing in the Summer Bay production in 1993, replacing the original actress Jacquy Phillips in the lead role.

Fortunately, she lives a very different existence in real life than Irene does.

How old is Lynne and where is she from?

Lynne was born on 29 January 1953, making her 70 years old. She is originally from a suburb in Sydney called Paddington.

She celebrated turning 70 surrounded by her family and friends at a party by the sea. She was joined by her partner Paul, her daughter Clancy and co-star Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah Patterson and the late Johnny Ruffo.

The actress shared snaps from the event, alongside the caption: “Thank you to all my beautiful family and friends for making my BIG birthday so special. My heart is full. And so are my vases and my wine racks”.

Who is Lynne’s partner?

Lynne has been in a long-term relationship with her partner Paul.

The couple first met at a dinner in 1984 but afterwards, she invited him back to her home. She obviously made an impression because he never left and the couple have been together ever since.

The Home and Away star shared that she is still waiting for Paul to get down on one knee and explained that they joked about getting married when they needed whitegoods.

She says that if they do get married, it will be a simple affair with a barbecue in the backyard.

The couple has a lot in common with them both loving sports. Their favourite team in the Australian Football League is the Sydney Swans and they regularly support them from the stands.

However, they are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to technology. While Paul is a “computer geek” according to Lynne, she says it isn’t for her.

Do the couple have children?

Yes, Lynne and Paul are parents to a single child. Their daughter, Clancy, is born.

The actress gives Paul credit for enabling her to go on working on Home and Away despite his role as a househusband and primary caregiver for their baby.

In the summer of 2023, Lynne and Paul attended their daughter’s wedding. She posted images of her daughter and mother preparing for the latter’s special day.

To see inside Lynne McGranger’s home, swipe over.

The soap opera actress acknowledged that when Clancy told her she was engaged, she was taken aback. After he asked for permission, Lynne’s partner Paul already knew that his daughter’s boyfriend intended to pop the question.

Lynne told New Idea, “I remember [Clancy] FaceTimed me and said, ‘So we’ve got a piece of news.

She remarked, laughing, “I thought she was pregnant, which I wouldn’t have minded.”

“Clancy saw the look on my face and went, ‘No mum, I’m not pregnant but…’ and she lifted up her finger with the engagement ring on it.”

Is Lynne leaving Home and Away?

Last year, Lynne opened up about how she would like the leave Home and Away.

She told Stuff.co.nz, “I want to go with the biggest bang, the most dramatic exit.” “I want to die a long, sad death with everyone around me crying and wailing, or I want to get lost at sea.”

“Alternatively, Irene might become lost at sea and her body might never be found, memorial service held, and all of that, and she would just walk back into town.”

She hinted at her departure, but she doesn’t yet have a leaving date planned.


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