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Home and Away’s Marilyn Chambers makes shock decision after Heather drama

Marilyn Chambers, a fan favourite from Home and Away, left Summer Bay in the most recent Australian edition of the programme.

Due to Heather Fraser’s deception and manipulation, Marilyn has gone through a horrific time. Last week, dramatic moments were shown on Australian television that brought everything to a head.

Following the awful turn of events, Marilyn battled her guilt in Monday’s episode of Channel 7.

In order to carry out her elaborate revenge plans, Heather decided to kidnap Roo Stewart, Alf Stewart, Irene Roberts, and Leah Patterson. Marilyn took responsibility for this decision. When Heather drugged Alf’s drink and it aggravated his heart problem, Alf’s life was put in danger.

The Summer Bay legend kept berating herself for giving up Heather when she was a newborn, believing that this was the beginning of all of Heather’s issues.

Marilyn informed Roo about her troubling thoughts: “My daughter should never have been handed up. I’ve destroyed lives, including Heather’s. I also nearly made Mr. Stewart’s life miserable.”

Marilyn also shared with Leah during a separate heart-to-heart that she thinks her friends will never truly accept her because Heather made her confess the truth about her history.

Alf was surprised to discover a note from Marilyn at the Stewart home, explaining that she had left the Bay because of her recurring feelings of humiliation.

Dear Roo and Mr. Stewart, it said in the note. You are not only the best friends I’ve ever had; you are also my family, as I haven’t expressed to you in enough detail.

“I’m truly sorry for all the problems I’ve caused, but I believe it’s best for me to go on. I’d like to say farewell. I will always cherish our time spent together.

While it’s not believed that Marilyn will be gone permanently, viewers will need to keep watching to see how her loved ones respond and how long it will take for her to make a comeback.

The dramatic Heather episodes will air in the UK the following month for Home and Away viewers.


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