Home and Away’s Nikau exposes Chloe’s lies in tense new scenes

    Bella hears some home truths.

    On UK screens next week, Nikau Parata of Home and Away warns his lover Bella Nixon about Chloe Anderson.

    Since the death of her stepfather Ari Parata, Chloe’s behaviour has become a source of concern.

    Chloe has developed a fascination with Bella, wanting to spend as much time with her as possible, as viewers have observed. In contrast, she appears to be completely avoiding her mother Mia.

    Dean Thompson tries to persuade Chloe that Mia might be lonely in next week’s episodes on Channel 5.

    This occurs after Mia hosts a family meal for the Paratas, but no one shows up.

    Both Chloe and Nikau fight about who is to blame for the terrible situation, with one accusing the other of failing to communicate with Mia adequately.

    Chloe promises to see Mia and clear the air, and Nikau pushes her to do so right away. Nikau secretly hopes that this will provide him with some much-needed alone time with Bella.

    Later, Dean and his girlfriend Ziggy Astoni try to compel Bella to intervene.

    Bella, according to the pair, needs to set some boundaries with Chloe because the situation is growing concerning.

    Bella takes this advise to heart and tells Chloe that she should concentrate on Mia for a bit.

    Chloe appears to understand, and Bella is pleased with how the talk went, believing that she has brought mother and daughter closer together.

    Nikau, on the other hand, quickly reveals to Bella that Chloe hasn’t spoken to Mia in days and has lied about reaching out to her.

    As part of her continued deceptive behaviour, Nikau reminds out that Chloe simply says whatever Bella wants to hear. Nikau has been noticing this for a time, but Bella is taken aback.

    Bella decides it’s time to give Chloe the boot, so she instructs her to leave the farmhouse, return home, and deal with her problems.

    Chloe tries emotional blackmail by accusing Bella of rejecting her in her time of need, but Bella refuses to back down.

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