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Home and Away’s Nikau Parata makes quit threat after scary beach incident


On UK screens next week, Nikau Parata of Home and Away threatens to quit his new job as surf lifesaving.

After a disagreement with his boss John Palmer, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) swears to abandon his new profession.

Due to a staff shortfall, Nikau will have to go out on patrol alone in upcoming scenes on Channel 5.

Nikau is anxious about this because he has only been at his new work for a few days and feels unprepared.

When a jogger collapses in front of Nikau and his girlfriend Bella Nixon, the worst happens (Courtney Miller).

Nikau quickly activates his CPR skills, completely oblivious to the fact that John (Shane Withington) is approaching from behind.

Rather than taking command, John takes a step back and allows Nikau handle the problem.

When Nikau realizes that John was watching the entire time, he feels betrayed and abandoned.

Nikau expresses his dissatisfaction that John did not assist him in sensitive scenes.

John points out that Nikau appeared to be in complete control of the issue and was completely capable of dealing with it on his own.

Nikau disagrees and says it’s time to stop rescuing lives.

Later in the week, John tries to contact Nikau, but he continues to refuse to return to patrol.

Bella also tries to persuade Nikau to reconsider his decision, but he refuses.

Nikau is troubled by the prospect of someone dying on his watch, and he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to handle the pressure.

Nikau, though, chooses to phone John again after additional encouragement from Bella. Will they be able to come to an agreement?


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