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Home and Away’s Parata family receive tragic news in emotional scenes

On UK screens next week, the Parata family from Home and Away receives some devastating news concerning Ari.

Ari has been gone from the show in recent weeks due to his imprisonment for fabricating a false confession in the murder of Matthew Montgomery.

This great sacrifice was made by the popular character to safeguard his fiancée Mia Anderson and her daughter Chloe.

Mia continues to organize her wedding to Ari in next week’s programs on Channel 5, even if the event has take place in prison.

Mia is stunned when she receives a worrisome call from the jail informing her that Ari has been admitted to the hospital.

When Mia arrives to learn more, she sees Ari on a stretcher, suffering from terrible abdomen pains.

Mia is originally forbidden from approaching Ari without prior permission from the prison. Tane, Ari’s brother, and Nikau, Ari’s nephew, arrive at the hospital shortly after her and eagerly await permission to meet him.

Doctor Logan Bennett diagnoses Ari with appendicitis after the Parata family is given permission to visit him at his bedside.

Ari is informed that his appendix must be removed, and he is rushed to the operating room.

Logan later comes to the Paratas with the distressing news that Ari’s diagnosis was incorrect.

Ari’s operation revealed that he has appendix cancer as well as tumors in his belly.

Logan emphasizes that the hospital won’t be able to help Ari much. Only a radical surgical treatment involving the removal of all tumors is a viable option.

Ari would gain some more time as a result of this, but the tumors would eventually return.

Logan departs from the Parata family to debate their alternatives as they try to come to terms with the devastating news.


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