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Home and Away’s Sam Barrett’s life with family after emigrating from America away from Chloe Anderson role

The young actress hails from the United States, but she grew up in Perth, Australia, after her family opted to relocate across the Atlantic Ocean.

After making her Home and Away debut in February 2021, Sam Barrett has already made a significant impact.

On the show, the rising star is having difficulties as her character deals with the fallout from killing her father.

Away from the show, though, Sam had a much more typical existence with her family once they relocated.

How old is Sam and where is she from?

Sam is a 22-year-old American who was born in the United States. Sam’s family is from Australia, however, they lived in America for the majority of their youth.

When she was four years old, they decided to pack up and go back to Perth, where they lived in Balcatta.

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Chloe is close with her parents and enjoys sharing flashback photos of them with her 16k Instagram followers.

She is also the only daughter in her family with multiple brothers.

When did Sam get into acting?

Sam graduated from the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts in 2018 after her big break on Home and Away.

She portrayed the character of ‘girl’ in the short film Paynes Find before joining the other Summer Bay residents.

She also played Daisy in seven episodes of the television series The Heights. The show focused on the interactions among tenants of a social housing apartment block.

Who does Sam play in Home and Away?

Sam portrays Chloe Anderson, the little daughter of Mia Anderson, another character on the show.

After establishing a connection with existing star Ari Parata, the couple appeared on the show. Before going to prison, he was in a relationship with Mia and was a father figure to Chloe.

Chloe has had a lot of problems since she moved to Summer Bay after splitting up with her boyfriend Ryder and killing her biological father by accident.

Sam was obliged to move to Sydney, where the show is shot, after auditioning five times for the position.

She admitted that everything happened in a matter of weeks, but she’s thrilled to have learned so much from Home and Away.

She even revealed her future professional ambitions, revealing that she has her sights set on Hollywood.


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