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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos reveals upsetting past in heart-to-heart with John Palmer

In a heart-to-heart with John Palmer, Theo Poulos of Home and Away revealed disturbing details about his past.

Theo confided in John (Shane Withington) about the trauma he had when living with his father Dimitri in Tuesday’s episode in Australia.

Following his internet video stunt with John’s Polaris, Theo was charged with theft and has just begun his community service.

When he realized that the details of his penalty had been sent to his former address, he became noticeably concerned. This meant that his parents would receive the court letter.

When Theo made a desperate phone call to his mother, she told him that she’d previously concealed the letter to avoid upsetting Dimitri.

After overhearing a portion of the exchange, John became intrigued and questioned Theo about why he appeared to be terrified.

When John persisted in his quest for information, Theo revealed that Dimitri had been abusive while they were living together.

When Theo started high school and became defiant around the house, the violence began.

Dimitri retaliated by hitting Theo, making him fearful.

Even though Dimitri was never aggressive towards Theo’s mother, she was terrified of him and felt powerless to stop the abuse.

“Theo, you have to go to the police,” a shocked John suggested. What your father is doing is inexcusable.”

“No,” Theo said. You can’t tell anyone, especially Leah, about this, John. She has no notion how her father is.”

John eventually decided to remain out of it, but given Theo’s apparent struggles, it’s uncertain how long he’ll be able to keep his word.

Theo’s actor, Matt Evans, previously intimated that this episode will be a watershed moment for his character.

“There are still mysteries to come out,” he told the Stuff website in New Zealand last year. There’s more to his relationship with his father, and he’s attempting to conceal some events.

“He needs to sort stuff out, and once he does, he’ll be a whole different guy.”


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