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Home and Away’s Ziggy gets trapped with Remi after lying to Dean

A rogue trader turns nasty next week.

Next week on UK television, Ziggy Astoni of Home and Away will be in dread for her life as her attempts to assist Remi Carter go horribly wrong.

In tense scenes, Ziggy and Remi find themselves locked together after being the target of a con artist.

In upcoming Channel 5 episodes, Ziggy consents to work with Remi to locate a van for Lyrik, who must transport their equipment to gigs.

Ziggy makes the decision to keep her plans from Dean Thompson because she is certain that he won’t support her assisting Remi.

By telling Dean she is occupied all day with a garage client, Ziggy deceives Dean.

After that, she drives Remi for two hours to meet a seller who is offering a van that is within Lyrik’s pricing range.

Dean confronts Justin Morgan, her supervisor, for consuming so much of her time while Ziggy is away.

After first denying that Ziggy is meeting a client, Justin realizes that by exposing her lie, he has unintentionally upset her relationship.

Ziggy and Remi go with buying the van, but as they are returning to the Bay, smoke begins to billow from the car, and they realize they have been duped.

In an attempt to deceive them, the salesman locks them in a shed and escapes in Ziggy’s car when they return to confront him.

Ziggy and Remi are shocked and realize that this scenario might quickly turn dangerous without food or water. Even worse, nobody is aware of their location.

Dean worries back in Summer Bay when Ziggy doesn’t come back.

When Dean questions his sister Mackenzie Booth, she informs him about Ziggy’s covert van operation. Mac, regrettably, doesn’t know where Ziggy and Remi went to buy the item.

Dean stays up all night looking for information on Ziggy’s whereabouts after becoming aware that something is awry. He finds the information he requires on Ziggy’s laptop and moves to the proper area.

Will Dean be able to overlook Ziggy’s deceit when they are reunited?


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