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Home and Away Spoilers – Heather frames Marilyn for abuse

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, as Heather frames Marilyn for abuse, is Maz’s secret daughter about to get her arrested?

In the past two weeks, Marilyn Chambers has experienced a lot (Emily Symons). It has been rather peaceful since she was poisoned with organophosphates in September, which left her with a new, abrasive attitude and necessitated that she take daily medication to keep her behaving herself.

That was the case up to Heather’s (Sofia Nolan) recent arrival.

Last month, Heather came to Summer Bay to study under Roo (Georgie Parker), but it soon became evident that she was really there for Marilyn.

She was close with Roo and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), with whom she quickly formed a friendship with benefits, but she immediately began tormenting Marilyn.

It started with awkward looks and understated remarks and ended with Heather leaving Marilyn’s name on an envelope outside Summer Bay House that contained a baby photo and the words “Guess who?” scrawled on the back.

Last week’s dramatic episodes finally made it known that Heather is in fact Marilyn’s child. According to a birth certificate that Heather had stashed away in her caravan, she was born in April 1995 to Timothy Frazer, a grazier, and Marilyn Chambers, a cleaner.

Maz ultimately admitted the truth to Leah, while Marilyn and Heather have not yet acknowledged that they are mother and daughter.

She and her partner took a journey around Australia when they were younger. After their breakup, Marilyn started working as a maid at a cattle station, where she later had an affair with her supervisor, a guy named Tim, leading to the birth of a child.

Tim informed his wife when she informed him that she wanted to retain the child. Marilyn was allowed to stay with them until the baby was born, and the couple remained together. Prior to the birth, everything appeared to be alright, but soon after, everything changed.

The pair steadfastly stated that they wanted to adopt Marilyn’s child in order to provide a better life for her. Marilyn, who was unemployed and had nowhere to live as well as no money, believed she was acting morally and that the baby would live a better life with her father in a stable environment.

She admitted that, “not to [her ex-husband] John, not to anyone,” she had never previously spoken it out.

Her daughter has grown up and is now looking for her 27 years later.

This week, Marilyn’s situation continues to deteriorate as Heather makes every effort to damage the life of the person she feels abandoned her when she was a child.

After telling Leah her shocking truth, Maz doesn’t feel any better; instead, she is frightened that everyone else will find out. How will her closest friends react if they eventually find out the truth if she has kept it a secret from them for so long?

It won’t be long until Heather takes action. Heather discovered last week that Marilyn had an adoptive son named Jett (Will McDonald), which made her feel even worse. Jett is now included in her strategy.

TV Week reports that, this week, John (Shane Withington) gets a call from his and Marilyn’s adopted son, and can’t believe it when Jett explains that he’s just received a text from Marilyn: “An adopted child can never compare to a biological one.”

Jett and John worry about Maz’s mental health because it’s harsh and totally out of character. Marilyn is adamant that she had nothing to do with it and cannot believe anyone would think she is capable of doing such a thing when John interviews his ex-wife about it.

However, it doesn’t take long for Roo (Georgie Parker), who has had trouble understanding Marilyn’s perspective in recent weeks as Heather and Maz have sparred, to develop more grounds for suspicion regarding Marilyn’s mental health. When she returns home, she discovers a depressing internet evaluation of her brand-new tutoring company, and she assumes Maz is to blame.

Marilyn reports the matter to the police, but it backfires when she discovers that she’s the prime suspect – she’s being framed for abuse!

At her wits’ end and knowing that Heather is to fault for everything, she makes the decision to confront Heather. Maz breaks into Heather’s car and finds the birth certificate that confirms what she had already suspected—that Heather is her long-lost daughter!

Once Marilyn receives confirmation, she is prepared to meet Heather.

Confronting her at her caravan in Thursday’s triple-bill, Maz shows Heather the birth certificate, uttering the life-changing words: “I know you’re my daughter.”

Heather’s frosty attitude doesn’t let up for a second, as she tells Marilyn, “now we can stop pretending!”

With the truth out in the open, is there a chance for Heather and Marilyn to finally build a relationship?


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