Home and Away horror for Ziggy and Remi in 26 spoiler pictures

    Your full collection of photos showing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, September 19.

    Monday, September 19: Ziggy does a favour for Remi

    She takes him on a two-hour drive to inspect a potential new van for Lyrik.

    Monday, September 19: The stakes are high for Lyrik

    Since Bob left the band, they’ve been without a vehicle to transport their equipment to gigs.

    Monday, September 19: Ziggy and Remi meet the seller, Carl

    Ziggy takes the lead, wanting to make sure the van is up to scratch.

    Monday, September 19: Ziggy seems to like what she sees

    Carl suggests taking the vehicle on a test drive.

    Monday, September 19: Ziggy and Remi hope for the best

    They seem to have defied the odds by finding a suitable van that’s within Lyrik’s strict price range.

    Monday, September 19: Ziggy continues her inspection

    Remi knows he can rely on Ziggy’s judgement.

    Monday, September 19: Remi chats further to the seller

    Ziggy gets distracted for a moment.

    Monday, September 19: Ziggy has several missed calls

    Dean wants to know where she is.

    Monday, September 19: Ziggy hadn’t told Dean about her plan for the day

    She knew that Dean wouldn’t be happy, as he dislikes Remi.

    Monday, September 19: Ziggy ponders over the missed calls

    Dean isn’t the only one getting in touch, as Theo needs Ziggy to take a look at his TAFE work.

    Monday, September 19: Carl may not be all he seems

    Is it all too good to be true?

    Monday, September 19: Remi and Ziggy head inside for the test drive

    They leave Ziggy’s car behind.

    Monday, September 19: Ziggy and Remi’s day takes a turn for the worse

    After money is exchanged, they discover that the van is faulty.

    Monday, September 19: Carl promises to resolve the situation

    He leads Ziggy and Remi into a trap.

    Monday, September 19: Carl locks the shed door


    Monday, September 19: Remi and Ziggy realise they’ve been locked inside

    Carl tricked them.

    Monday, September 19: Remi and Ziggy try to protest

    But with Carl the only person around, it’s no use.

    Monday, September 19: Remi and Ziggy overhear Carl

    Carl drives off in Ziggy’s car.

    Monday, September 19: Carl’s plan becomes clear

    The villain also has the money that Remi handed over for the van.

    Monday, September 19: Remi and Ziggy fear the worst

    They’re trapped without food and water – and nobody knows where they are.

    Wednesday, September 21: The residents are dealing with surprising news

    Nikau and Tane are on the front page of the local newspaper, in relation to the biker gang arrests.

    Wednesday, September 21: John is frustrated over the situation

    Nikau’s lifeguard job is under threat due to the negative press attention.

    Wednesday, September 21: Rose is concerned over the situation

    she knows that Nikau and Tane have to keep quiet about how they were undercover.

    Wednesday, September 21: John vents his annoyance

    He doesn’t want Nikau to lose his job.

    Wednesday, September 21: Rose snaps at John

    She orders him to keep his judgements to himself.

    Wednesday, September 21: Rose’s comments could spark suspicion

    Will John, Irene and Marilyn realise there’s more to it?

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