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Home and Away’s Ziggy star Sophie Dillman teases deadly Dean car accident horror


Dean Thompson of Home and Away has been through a lot in recent months, including being involved in yet another vehicle accident that landed him in the hospital.

However, Ziggy Astoni actress Sophie Dillman has warned that Ziggy’s partner may be in for yet another incident, warning that “bad things do come in threes.”

Logan is planning to provide a test drive to a recovering Dean, who is still recovering from the accident, next week in order to get him back in a car after the accident. But things don’t go as planned, as pictures of the crash flash before Dean’s eyes as he turns the key.

Dean confesses that the two catastrophic accidents for which he was the driver now make him nervous about any future passengers he may be liable for.

Ziggy quickly devises a scheme to allow him to drive the car in which they first confessed their feelings for one another. Ziggy carefully soothes Dean after he is back in the driver’s seat, and Dean soon feels at peace.

But could something go horribly wrong again for Dean?

Sophie revealed to the Daily Star exclusively, “Bad things definitely come in threes.” I believe Ziggy was taken aback by the collision. She’s a petrolhead who’s never been in an accident like this, so she couldn’t understand why Dean was scared to get behind the wheel, but she knows she can’t keep driving him forever.

“She needs to have a life, and for them to stay healthy in their relationship they need to have separate lives and have their independence. That can’t happen without him having a license. So I think she has everything crossed that that’s going to be okay – but bad things come in threes…”

She, on the other hand, has completely different expectations for her role, explaining that after everything they’ve gone through, the lovebirds deserve some “adventure.”

Sophie explained: “They’ve been through a lot. Let’s just give them a break for a bit, and let them enjoy being a couple for a little bit!

“I do really hope they get to develop a relationship with Jai, I hope they get some adventure. I think they’re a couple who may not have any more children, they may not get married.

“They’re just really in the moment – love life, embrace it and let’s go! And I really hope they get to see that.”

Speaking of Ziggy’s role as a carer for Dean, Sophie admitted it has definitely been “really tough.”

“Anyone who has had to be a full-time caregiver for someone understands that it’s a really terrible slog,” she continued, “and you put 100 percent into it, you work 24 hours a day.”

“So I believe it does take a toll.” Second, Ziggy is a mechanic, therefore she isn’t used to dealing with people. She is in charge of machines. They don’t respond, instead of spitting oil in her face, whereas this guy tears or shouts!

“I believe it would be really difficult. She’s giving it to her all since she adores him and wants to do everything she can for him, but it’ll be a difficult task.”

The couple’s sex embargo, imposed to facilitate Dean’s recuperation, is even more difficult, as Sophie admits: “I think it’s incredibly challenging for them because they’re really young, they’re 24.”

“Ziggy and Dean always had a really passionate relationship, they were always very in love. I think it was part of their identity as a couple – it was how they showed love.

“It still makes them feel a little unsettled, but they both really want to be doing those things, so everything is hopeful.”


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