In 26 spoiler pictures, Home and Away begins Mia’s leaving plotline.

    Theo and Chloe cross paths, The pair recently spent the night together.

    Chloe has mixed feelings, Although she feels chemistry with Theo, she recently told Bella that she’d made a big mistake by sleeping with him.

    Chloe is torn, Although she’d like to spend more time with Theo, this would mean she wouldn’t be able to keep playing the victim around Bella.

    Theo is confused, Chloe dismisses his attempts to hang out again.

    Theo sees Chloe again, They cross paths for a second time.

    Chloe takes a firmer approach, She tries to reject Theo.

    Chloe denies any romantic interest in Theo, She says that their night together was a mistake.

    Theo is baffled, He doesn’t understand why Chloe has suddenly changed her mind.

    Chloe makes more hurtful claims, She insists that she was only ever using Theo.

    Theo doesn’t know what to think, It’s bad timing, as he’s also struggling with his father Dimitri’s presence in the Bay.

    Dimitri’s troubling behavior continues, He’s finding it difficult to contain his temper.

    Dimitri has made a discovery, He has found out about Theo recently going to court.

    Dimitri is annoyed by Theo’s mistake, He sees it as more evidence that Theo’s behavior is out of control.

    Things turn personal, Dimitri partly blames Justin and Leah for the situation.

    Justin and Leah try to defend Theo, As far as they’re concerned, he’s a good kid.

    Leah tries to calm things down, She’s still unaware of Dimitri’s violence towards Theo, but this is the week where all will be revealed.

    Mia is still struggling, Earlier on, she locked herself in the gym office and refused to accept help from Tane and Nikau.

    Mia stares out at the sea, Ari’s death is still at the forefront of her mind.

    Jasmine stops to chat to Mia, She spots how much Mia is struggling.

    Jasmine tries to show support, She reminds Mia that she can relate to the grief of losing a husband.

    Jasmine reflects on Robbo’s death, She recalls that, when the emotions all became too much, she had to get out of Summer Bay.

    Mia is given food for thought

    She realizes that it might be time for her to leave the Bay too. This storyline will ultimately lead to Anna Samson, who plays Mia, bowing out from the show.

    Roo and Irene talk on the beach, Roo is still worried about Martha.

    Roo and Irene discuss the latest news, Martha is too unwell to return home.

    Roo feels powerless, There’s not much she can do to help, as Martha is away in Merimbula.

    Irene offers some advice, What does the future hold for the Stewart family?


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