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Is Ziggy From Home And Away Pregnant In Real Life?

Some viewers of Home and Away are speculating as to whether Ziggy Astoni, one half of the fan-favorite duo Dean Thompson and Ziggy, is actually expecting a child. It appears that the fan’s reservations are not without merit. There will undoubtedly be questions raised because the performers are dating in real life.

Ziggy Astoni’s actress Sophie Dillman has some information for us. She recently acknowledged that portraying a pregnant lady besides her real-life partner and co-star, Patrick O’Connor, has been “very odd.” Does this imply that she is also expecting?

Is Sophie pregnant?

Sophie recently acknowledged that even if she isn’t actually expecting a child, playing a pregnant character who faces certain obstacles has made her feel uneasy and afraid. On the show, Sophie, who plays Ziggy, faces many challenges as she tries to conceive. Fighting with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has resulted from this, and one incident even required a hospital visit after inhaling toxic insolvents while spending the day at the Summer Bay Auto.

Sophie seems to mirror Ziggy’s initial shock by stating that it was “weird” for her. She says:

“I don’t think you think about it [pregnancy] properly until you’ve actually experienced them. But I’m fake experiencing them, so I now have to think about it.”

However, she is also oddly enthusiastic about taking on this new experience. In one of her recent interviews, she says:

It’s really weird, but it’s been really fun. Really, really fun playing a pregnant woman with food cravings and nausea and mood swings.”

What has Ziggy’s pregnancy been like for her on the show?

Zig took a very long time to get used to the effects of being pregnant. This is confirmed by Sophie Dillman, who claims that Zig is “in denial about her whole life-changing.” She appreciates Zig’s “superwoman” traits of independence and perfection, but there is a limit. Zig needs to understand that she can’t handle everything by herself.

On the programme, Ziggy inhaling the hazardous fumes while working in the garage appears to be the tipping point that causes the opposition to the problem to grow stronger. Tane thankfully discovered her, saving the infant’s life.

However, in the most recent episode, Ziggy returns from a surfing trip with Dean sooner than anticipated and is seen being sad at having to give up on her aspirations. Later in the episode, understanding that he might be holding her back, Dean gives her a hearty and inspirational push to pursue her goals with an upcoming surfing competition. He pledges to stay as long as it takes to find her at Summer Bay.

Sophie’s thoughts about having babies

Sophie is undoubtedly in favour of having children. She did, however, discuss her battles with “chronic endometriosis,” a disorder. The symptoms, which can linger for several years at a time, can lead to a variety of problems both before and during pregnancy. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of spontaneous conception.

In a vulnerable message, she explains that she would rather not stress about being pregnant and having kids. She elucidates:

“My decision on thinking about children and my fertility is that I’m not going to worry about it until I’m ready, or properly thinking about having a child — which isn’t yet. [I don’t want to] spend all those years stressing about [it], and then maybe I can’t even have a baby”.

The celebrity has also asserted that she has been open and honest about her infertility troubles with each of her boyfriends, including her present husband, Patrick. She spoke candidly about the challenges she faced in a statement:

“It can be really scary for some people to have those conversations, but there’s so many options for fertility now, and fertility treatments, IVF, adoption, and it’s not as scary when you talk about it more, you know.”

In a recent interview, she also discussed how her endometriosis caused her to hurry to the hospital after their first date with Patrick. Her pain worsened while she was out with Patrick eating burgers, yet he was really supportive of her during the situation.

The two are longtime friends who attended the same acting school.


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