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Lynne McGranger to star in new Home & Away spin-off, Yabbie Creek

Get ready for an exciting new twist in the Home & Away universe!

The iconic soap is airing its first mystery series spin-off, Yabbie Creek, premiering exclusively on 7TWO.

This new eight-part series revolves around Lynne McGranger’s beloved character Irene Roberts, as she teams up with the local law enforcement to solve the murders plaguing the town. 

Set in Yabbie Creek, the fictional neighbouring town to Summer Bay, Irene finds herself entangled in the investigation of various murders, spurred by her determination to assist, despite facing resistance from Detective Sgt. Geoff Cooper, portrayed by Lincoln Lewis. 

As she dives into the minds of the suspects and uncovers secrets that others did not see, she fears that the fact she is merely a diner manager will be exposed…

Lynne is excited to bring Irene into the world of Yabbie Creek. 

“Irene is funny, she’s compassionate, she’s flawed, all of those things that we all are. Some days, I’m just going, ‘G’day darl’ can I get you a cuppa?’ and then other days, it’s real emotional stuff,” she said.

“In Yabbie Creek she won’t take no for an answer in order to get to the bottom of a new mystery every week. Bring it on!”

Prepare to reunite some familiar faces from Summer Bay! Stephen Heathcote returns as Daryl Braxton, alongside Debra Lawrence as the beloved Pippa Ross, Norman Coburn as Donald Fisher, and Lyn Collingwood as Coleen Smart. 

At this stage, no airdate has been announced.Check back for updates.


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