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Meet Summer Bay’s new bad boy! Hollywood actor set to star on Home and Away

Australian-born Hollywood star Joshua Orpinis joining the cast of Home and Away.

The Melbourne native, 29, who plays Superboy in the US action series Titans, revealed on Sunday he is relocating to Sydney to star on the iconic soap.

‘One of the reasons I was keen to do this gig was because of that, I have worked internationally and I have been quite homesick,’ he told The Daily Telegraph.

particularly because of COVID, which prevented me from returning to Australia, even when I was unemployed.

From 2019 to 2023, the up-and-coming actor starred in the widely watched superhero series as Connor Kent/Superboy, which was filmed in Toronto, Canada.

He also appeared in the Melbourne-filmed American series Preacher and the Aussie show The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

Joshua said after working in Hollywood for several years he was keen to get involved in some quality Australian productions.

‘I really wanted to get stuck into some Aussie shows, film and TV and this came along and I thought it was the perfect opportunity,’ he said. 

The Melbourne native, 29, who plays Superboy in the US action series Titans, revealed on Sunday he is relocating to Sydney to star on the iconic soap

Orpin assured viewers of Home and Away that as his character upends Summer Bay, they should anticipate some surprising stories.

He is a bit of a bad lad who enters the show and causes a commotion among the residents of Summer Bay.

“On the surface, he seems like one thing, but I’ve had a lot of fun discovering his depth,” he continued.

Orpin promised Home and Away fans that they can expect some unexpected storylines as his character shakes things up in Summer Bay 


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