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Meet the celebrity SAS Australia recruits for 2022

SAS Australia, one of the most physically and mentally demanding reality TV shows on our screens, is officially coming back for another year.

17 Australian celebrities have volunteered to take part in the grueling military course, including Olympians, reality stars, and actors.

Extreme physical endurance, sleep deprivation, questioning, and psychological testing will be imposed on these recruits, pushing them to their limits.

SAS Australia’s new celebrity season has already begun filming in NSW, and the fourth season will broadcast on Channel 7 later this month.

Continue scrolling to view the next round of candidates that are ready to tackle the challenge.

Anna Heinrich

Anna stole Tim Robards’ heart on The Bachelor in 2013, and now the 34-year-old is up for a challenge that has little to do with love but everything to do with endurance.

Barry Hall

Barry is most known for his time playing for the St Kilda Football Club and the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League, and the 44-year-old is ready to demonstrate what he’s made of on the SAS course.

Darius Boyd

Darius rose to prominence in the NRL after playing for the Brisbane Broncos from 2017 to 2019, before retiring in 2020.

On the field, the 34-year-old has always been a leader, and he’s ready to take on this new challenge.

Ebanie Bridges

Since 2020, champion boxer and schoolteacher Ebanie has held the ANBF Australasian female super-bantamweight title.

The 35-year-old is aiming for another title, this time as the winner of SAS Australia 2022.

Ellia Green

While Ellia, a 28-year-old rugby superstar, takes on the difficult SAS course, she will rely on her brute power and mental fortitude to complete it.

Geoff Huegill

After winning silver and bronze medals in the Olympics, Geoff earned the title of swimming legend, and the 42-year-old is now ready to put his skills to the test on SAS.

Locky Gilbert

Locky starred on Australian Survivor before becoming The Bachelor for 2020, a show that surely offered the 32-year-old a taste of what to anticipate on the SAS course.

Melissa Tkautz

Melissa played Nikki Spencer on the iconic Australian TV serial series E Street, and the 47-year-old will be putting her acting skills to the test for her new part.

Melissa Wu

Melissa, an Australian diver who won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics, will also be joining SAS Australia, and we can expect the 29-year-old Olympian to give it her all.

Michael Zerafa

Michael, an Australian professional boxer who won the Commonwealth super-welterweight title in 2018, now wants to complete the SAS course.

Millie Boyle

Millie, the newest recruit, is a 23-year-old Australian rugby league and rugby union footballer who is ready to show that she is more than capable of completing the course.

Orpheus Pledger

Orpheus, best known for his role as Mason Morgan on Home and Away, joins the other SAS recruits, and the 28-year-old will be put to the ultimate test to prove he’s up to the task.

Paul Fenech

We watched comic Merrick Watts make it all the way to the finish of SAS Australia last year, and we’ll soon find if Paul, 51, who is also a comedian, can do the same.

Riana Crehan

Riana, a former Supercars television presenter, will face the ultimate test, and we can’t wait to see what she’s capable of.

Richard Buttrose

Richard, a convicted drug dealer and the nephew of ABC head Ita Buttrose, will be among the 2022 SAS Australia recruits, and the 49-year-old will be put to the test both mentally and physically.

Simone Holtznagel

Simone, 28, is an Australian fashion model who is most known for her appearance on Australia’s Next Top Model. While on the course, she will have to answer to the rigorous Directing Staff (DS).

Wayne Carey

Wayne, an AFL commentator and former footballer, will go through the arduous process of becoming an SAS recruit.

The 50-year-old is the second-oldest player on the course, and he’ll have to prove he can keep up.


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