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Sam Frost and Jordie Hansen are expecting their first baby!

Sam Frost, a star of Home And Away and The Bachelor, has revealed she is expecting her first child with Jordie Hansen.

Late Sunday night, Sam and Jordie both posted similar photographs on their Instagram accounts to share the news.

“There will soon be a tiny human…

Everyone should appear shocked when he unavoidably gets his parents’ quirky sense of humor, Sam said in the caption.

“We don’t take life or ourselves too seriously, and we hope to instill in our little one the same ideals we do… the value of being really oneself, how to always find humor in the little things, and how kindness, love, and empathy are superpowers.

“We are really pleased and grateful for our tiny miracle,” the couple said as they signed off. Your parents already adore you very much, xxxx.

The endearing remark was shared along with a cute photo of the couple and a video of them singing a humorous song to announce their pregnancy.

Sam sung a hilarious stanza about how she “eats and sleeps…and vomit up too” when carrying their first child as Jordie played the guitar.

In July of this year, the couple made their engagement official, writing on Instagram that Jordie had popped the question at the end of May while they were visiting Uluru.

Sam remarked on her podcast Believe, “It is a really crucial time in our lives. We recently got engaged and to celebrate we thought we would go on a 14-day road trip.”

She also admitted that she had no idea her five-month boyfriend was going to pop the question.

“I wasn’t surprised when he hurried me out of Yulara because he’s constantly busy and moving on to the next thing. I only said, “Mate, calm down while I finish my coffee!” To get there, he was twitching and fanning himself, but it was only Jordie “She spoke.

Sam disclosed to radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa in March that she had started dating Jordie, who also happened to be her younger brother Alex’s pal and fellow Survivor contestant.

“When I bailed out my brother, I asked, “Is he single or what?” He responded, “Ah, don’t be weird.” You’re so embarrassing, he says.” Sam disclosed.

“He’s a kid. You know, I’m a little cougar.”


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