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Monica Wants Ned & Brook Lynn To Make Up, But Things May Not Go Her Way

Monica cooked up a proposal on Friday at the General Hospital to give Ned and Brook Lynn the opportunity to make up. She is worried that the longer they go without forgiving each other, the more painful it will be for them both. The other day, she also told Ned that Tracy was threatening to show up if he did not make amends with his daughter.

Since the ELQ debacle, most people who really care for Brook Lynn have tried to persuade her to forgive her dad for tossing her out of the house. Since Chase told her he wanted his couch back, she actually doesn’t have a place to stay. “Monica is seen telling the two of them in the previews for Friday that it is” makeup time.

“Ned and Brook Lynn seem a little apprehensive about the whole thing. They may be drawn to Monica there and have no idea she’s got a plan. Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease, however, that her scheme is going to go horribly wrong.

Brook Lynn is very defiant against going back into the mansion of Quartermaine. Chase has always tried not only to persuade her to start standing on her own two feet, but that leaning on loved ones as she does so is okay. Will she take his advice and, with her family, move back in?
Monday’s General Hospital spoilers show that Ned is going to tell Monica about something. It sounds like he might have let her know how he and Alexis cheated on Olivia. In the past, Monica has had her fair share of adultery scandals, so she might just be the one who can give him at least a little advice about how to cope with his unfortunate circumstance.
Monica knows that the truth still inevitably comes out. Her advice might have been to tell her wife what had happened. Olivia is a really forgiving person, but the last straw may be making her husband cheat on her. Ned’s defence is that when they were in Monte Carlo, he was sure she was walking out on him with Robert Scorpio.

That forced him to have too many drinks, and that night, he didn’t even remember hooking up with Alexis. With Olivia, however, his defence could not go over well.

Ned’s battle with Brook Lynn took its toll on him as well. So far, she has been unable to forgive him and it’s possible that this time too, her anger will continue to get the better of her.

Dante is now alive, too, and he and Olivia have had quite an emotional reunion, as seen at the General Hospital this week. Olivia would need to lean on her son if things go wrong for her and Ned.



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