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Neighbours airs hurtful row after Leo Tanaka’s life-changing decision

Leo Tanaka’s life-changing choice has produced a new split between Aaron and Chloe Brennan on Neighbours.

Because he doubted his abilities to be a father, Leo (Tim Kano) recently asked his twin brother David and brother-in-law Aaron to accept full parenting responsibility for newborn Abigail.

Everything changed for Leo on Wednesday’s (February 23) program on Channel 5, when he realized he couldn’t let his little girl leave.

While out for lunch with Chloe (April Rose Pengilly), Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan), and Roxy Willis, Leo was given fuel for thought (Zima Anderson).

Following their recent wedding, Kyle and Roxy expressed their joy at the prospect of starting a family of their own. As Leo reflected on Britney Barnes’ death and everything he had lost, he noted their obvious joy.

When Chloe had some alone time with Leo, she argued that handing Abigail over to David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) wasn’t the best idea.

Leo suggested that Abigail deserved a full family rather than a single parent, but Chloe replied: “You’re an amazing dad. And I know you love Abigail more than you want to admit right now.

“Giving up Abigail is a bad choice. And I wouldn’t be a real friend if I didn’t try and stop you from making a huge mistake.”

Later, Leo met with David, Aaron, and Charlotte Chimes’ Nicolette Stone for an official meeting to start formalizing the parenting arrangement.

A delayed delivery that Britney had scheduled before her death arrived in the mail before this could begin.

A babygrow for Abigail with the slogan “Daddy’s Number One Girl” was included in the present, as with a poignant note from Britney praising Leo as the “greatest dad ever.”

When the emotions were too much for Leo, he claimed that he couldn’t give Abigail away. He then dashed out the door with his daughter to see Chloe.

Aaron was taken aback when Chloe confessed her role in persuading Leo to change his mind, and he was startled.

Aaron went on the offensive after misinterpreting Chloe’s intentions and questioned, “So you went and did this out of spite?” Because you are unable to produce children of your own. Chloe, I’m not sure I believe you.”

As Leo’s decision sinks in, will this family tension only get worse?


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