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Neighbours ‘axed’ after four decades on air as Channel 5 soap ‘to end’

NEIGHBOURS, the Australian soap opera, has been entertaining fans for many years, but the long-running show is reportedly set to end, much to fans’ shock.

Everyone needs friendly neighbors, but according to reports, Ramsay Street will be demolished soon. With Neighbours set to conclude this year in August, the show is reportedly attempting everything it can to bring back pop singer Kyle Minogue.

The Australian soap started aired in 1985, and it served as a launching pad for some of Hollywood’s biggest personalities.

Charlene Robinson was played by Kylie Minogue, and she was the darling of Jason Donovan’s Scott Robinson.

Along with these two well-known actors, the show also featured Russell Crow, Margot Robbie, and Liam Hemsworth at various points.

Although the announcement isn’t final, television production giant Fremantle Australia is said to have been in talks with Channel 5 for weeks to see if any show-saving deals can be reached.

“Channel 5 pays Fremantle Australia tens of millions of pounds every year, but there’s a gap of roughly £5 million in advertising revenue,” a source told The Sun.

The sunshine soap has seen its fair share of drama, including aircraft accidents, amnesia, and murders, and now the drama has vanished, leaving producers struggling to keep the show on the air.

They continued: “There’s a lot of disbelief and sadness among those who know it’s struggling.

“They are currently in the process of approaching a number of former cast members, including Kylie, to make a special return.

“If it’s the end, it really would be something special to have her back in Ramsay Street one last time.”

The show made it around the world to andriol testocaps the UK in 1986, airing on BBC One.

As an instant hit with UK viewers, 20 million spectators tuned in to watch Scott and Charlene’s wedding two years after it landed on British television. 

With the news of the show’s possible demise, fans of the show have taken to social media to share their thoughts and memories of the show.

@SBellissimo shared her sorrow, tweeting: “Nooooo. Most of the show’s revenue comes from the sale to the UK, so I hope this isn’t the end for the show.

“I realize I’m angry more than I should be, but this has been my only connection to my family. For 30 minutes every afternoon, I feel like I’m back in Melbourne #neighbours.”

Chantal Patton (@Chantal Patton) added: “I’m hoping they can preserve Neighbours. Even though I haven’t seen it in 20 years, it would be sorry to see it come to an end. I watched it from 1987 to 2002 (about when I was 6 or 7 years old) (when I graduated uni). It was essentially my childhood. #Neighbours.”

Many people are wondering if a slew of Hollywood personalities previously associated with the show will return for a final season.

@400FootGhost pondered: “Gosh! They really should try and get Charlene and Scott in the final episode. Wander into Ramsay Street and say something like “I’ll always remember when we were (looks to camera)… neighbours”. Then it ends with them riding Bouncer’s ghost into the sunset.”

Despite the show’s unstable condition, British actress Amanda Holden recently filmed a small part for it in Australia.

Another concerned viewer expressed their feelings about the challenges that soap operas are facing.

@gordygeorge88 said: “So with iconic soap #Neighbours reportedly coming to an end this August after 37 years and #HolbyCity taking its final bow in March after 22 maybe the way to revive the art of the soap opera is for a streaming service to commission one.” (sic)


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