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Neighbours boss discusses possible ending for soap after Channel 5 axe news


Fans of Neighbours have been upset by the news that Channel 5 will cancel the Australian serial this summer, with producers declaring that filming will be halted forever unless a new UK broadcaster can be found.

If no one else picks up the soap, it’s possible that Neighbours, which has been on the air for nearly four decades, may be canceled. If that happens, executive producer Jason Herbison has vowed that it will be nostalgic while still leaving the door open for a future return.

Basically, there’s not going to be a plane dropped on Ramsay Street or anything like that…

“We are very proud of everything Neighbours has achieved,” Herbison told Media Week. “We see the next few months as being a huge celebration for the show with a bit of everything for viewers.

“Any ending will be respectful of the past, the present and always open to a future.”

Because Neighbours has a relatively limited following in Australia and is currently made solely for the UK audience, a UK broadcaster is crucial for its survival. Channel 5 has contributed to the production, resulting in Christmas-themed episodes and late-night specials aimed at increasing the show’s 9 pm ratings.

Despite the high ratings, it has been reported that the cost of producing the show is too high for Channel 5 to continue with Neighbours. Episodes will be broadcast until August.

Many Neighbours actors have pleaded for the show to be rescued, and Rob Mills, a former cast member, has requested the Australian government to intervene.


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