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Neighbours boss responds to rumours Ramsay Street will be ‘blown up’ in its dramatic finale episode

Following the shocking revelation that the serial will be canceled after 37 years on air, executive producer Jason Herbison has hinted at how the series will conclude.

Herbison criticized recent rumors that the show’s renowned Ramsay Street locale might be destroyed by an explosion during the finale in June, speaking to TV Tonight on Sunday.

‘I would never, ever blow it up. The ending will be a celebration of the past and the present, with the door very much left open for a future,’ he assured fans.

He went on to say the show would live in the ‘hearts and minds’ of fans.

‘Ramsay Street is eternal and I like to think it will live on in the hearts and minds of the viewers, long after the final scene,’ he added.

Herbison also revealed that he’s been in communication with the managers of former Neighbours star Kylie Minogue, fueling speculation that her character Charlene Robinson will return for the finale.

He also acknowledged that the finale’s finer nuances were still being worked out by the authors.

More than 60,000 Melbourne-based series watchers filed a petition to keep it on British television, but it was in vain.

In a tweet on Thursday, the series announced that production on the long-running soap will be ending.

‘After over 37 years and approximately 9,000 episodes broadcast, we regret to inform you that Neighbours will be ending production in June,’ they wrote.

‘Following the loss of our important broadcast partner in the United Kingdom, and despite a thorough search for alternative funding, we have no choice but to put the show on hold.’

‘We know this is a big disappointment to our amazing, dedicated fans, as it is to all of us on the team. We appreciate all of your messages and support, and we pledge to end the program on a positive note. We’ll be commemorating Neighbours from now on.’

In a statement to Australian media on Thursday, Network 10 acknowledged that the series’ conclusion had been a “tough decision.”

‘Today, Fremantle confirmed that Neighbours will cease production in June, after nearly 37 years and almost 9,000 episodes,’ a network spokesperson announced.

‘This difficult decision came after the search for an alternative UK broadcast partner proved unsuccessful.’

They added that the series would ‘not air on 10 Peach beyond September 2022’, marking the end of its decades-long run.

‘A much-loved stalwart of our program schedule for over 35 years it has been a staple of Australian television drama, and Australian cultural exports,’ they added.

‘Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, is a cul-de-sac recognized all over the world and has been home to Scott and Charlene, Des and Daphne, Dr Karl and Susan, Dee and Toadie, Aaron and David, and many, many more neighbours.

‘Network 10 thanks the cast, crew, all the production team, and Fremantle for bringing the perfect blend of soap and sunshine to audiences in Australia and around the world.’

They also praised ‘the Australian fans and audiences for their continued support of the series’.

‘Their encouragement particularly in the past few weeks has been incredible. It shows that our audience still wants Australian scripted drama,’ continued the statement.


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