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Neighbours brings back missing character as David Tanaka’s story continues

Clive Gibbons, who has been missing from Neighbours for over a month, has returned to the show.

Clive has only made one appearance on the serial this year, in a 2022 episode prior to today.

Clive’s actor, Geoff Paine, is a regular cast member of Neighbours. This means that he appears in the opening titles but then disappears for a lengthy time.

Melanie Pearson’s Lucinda Cowden is on a similar contract and appears in and out of storylines in the same way.

After being missing for over a month, Clive reappeared in Friday’s show.

At Erinsborough Hospital, Clive was caught up in some drama when David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) decided it was time to file a complaint against his colleague Dean Covey.

Dean (Travis Cotton), a hospital cleaner, has been infatuated with David in recent weeks. He went over the line once more when he told David’s husband Aaron Brennan about a rumored love relationship.

Aaron (Matt Wilson), who is still recovering in the hospital after being viciously attacked on the River Bend excursion, was irritated by Dean’s behavior.

Dean later refused to let go of his inappropriate interest in David, pressuring him to quit his relationship with Aaron.

David took the bold step of reporting Dean for harassment to Clive. When Clive agreed that they wouldn’t have to work on the same ward in the future, Dean was relieved, but there were traces of unfinished business when Dean was left with resentment.

Meanwhile, Clive became embroiled in the aftermath of Gareth’s death, warning Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) that the hospital’s problems are far from ended.

Clive told Freya: “The police have been in touch. There’s a bit more information they need for the coroner’s investigation.

“Now that they know the cause of death was asphyxiation, they have a few more questions, so I’m going to run that by the insurers and let you know what time the interview is set for.

“I haven’t told David this yet. He’s got a lot on his plate.”

How will David and Freya handle being interrogated about Gareth’s death after secretly allowing him to die?


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