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Neighbours confirms who dies in dramatic River Bend week

Details of a death that will play on UK televisions this week have been verified by Neighbours.

The Australian soap is gearing up for a high-stakes week of episodes, with numerous Ramsay Street regulars in jeopardy during the River Bend excursion.

Former Winners & Losers actor Jack Pearson plays Freya Wozniak’s missing lover Gareth Bateman, who makes his first appearance this week.

Gareth’s presence on the trip will put Freya (Phoebe Roberts) in risk, as he takes her hostage, injures Levi Canning (Richie Morris), and savagely beats up Aaron Brennan, as we recently revealed (Matt Wilson).

However, as next week’s episodes begin, the show has confirmed that Gareth has perished after his reign of terror caught up with him.

David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) is shown reeling from Gareth’s death after some unexpected events during the trip, finding it difficult to suppress his guilt when he returns to Erinsborough.

Freya tries to calm David by reminding him that Gareth was never going to survive what occurred, but it doesn’t help him cope with his guilt.

Later in the week, David finds himself haunted by memories of Gareth.

Freya is also concerned when she learns that the formal coroner’s investigation into Gareth’s death is still ongoing, implying that she and David may be questioned again.

Freya is well aware of David’s guilt, and she is concerned about how he will deal under such intense scrutiny.

What is David’s secret, and will he crumble under the pressure? Was Gareth the only one that died in River Bend? In the next days, all will be disclosed.


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