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Neighbour’s confirms why Freya Wozniak is really in Erinsborough


In the upcoming episodes of Neighbours, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) reverts to old practices in attempt to reclaim Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

Paul has been gravely injured and will require long-term recovery as a result of the accident at Roxy’s wedding. As a result, Terese decides to return to the penthouse with Paul in order to care for him.

Terese’s return delighted Paul, and he hoped to use their time together to win her back, but Terese quickly reminds Paul that her stay in the penthouse is only short. A terrified Paul resorts to shady means to keep Terese around as his condition improves.

Terese cast Glen (Richard Huggett) away after he disclosed to her that he had located (and hidden) her missing wedding ring, leaving the door wide open for Paul to reclaim her heart.

In later moments, Paul’s deception that he is still sick pays off as Terese not only stays but becomes even more affectionate than before.

While Paul is overjoyed that his scheme is working, Karl (Alan Fletcher) becomes skeptical. Paul chooses to act after realizing Karl is on to him.

As Karl investigates Paul’s mysterious illness, he realizes that he has been replaced by a new specialist. Karl eventually enlists David’s help to figure out what’s going on, despite the fact that he’s no longer Paul’s doctor.

Meanwhile, Paul is ecstatic when Terese agrees to get back together later in the week because taking care of Paul has sparked their old bond.

Paul is ecstatic and insists on changing for her, while Terese feels he is capable of doing so. Will their idyllic romance survive, or will Paul’s manipulation of Terese rip their restored romance apart sooner or later?


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