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Neighbours’ David Tanaka faces new grudge as Dean and Aaron story continues

Neighbours’ Following the escalation of the problem with his coworker Dean Covey, David Tanaka finds himself embroiled in a new feud.

David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) have had a strained relationship, which isn’t helped by David’s friendship with Dean (Travis Cotton). Aaron is skeptical and envious of David’s spending so much time with Dean, assuming that his colleague has a crush on him.

Dean makes a move on David at the hospital, before David returns to River Bend to find his husband savagely beaten up by Freya Wozniak’s absent boyfriend Gareth Bateman and left for dead.

Aaron is fighting for his life in the hospital in scenes that will show next week. When his condition deteriorates, he is rushed into emergency surgery, and no one knows if he will survive.

David is scared for Aaron’s safety, but he also has a secret about Gareth’s death.

When Dean advises that David tell Aaron the ‘truth’ about what transpired between them, David is less than enthusiastic.

David tries to ignore it at first, but he becomes enraged when Dean reveals to Aaron that he and David had a connection and almost kissed.

David had flatly refused Dean’s approaches, and when Dean tries to defend his actions by claiming that he was only trying to help, David decides to report him for inappropriate behavior.

As a result, Dean harbors a vendetta against David…

Next week on Ramsay Street, things will get heated for Ned Willis and Harlow Robinson, as well as the secret identity of new character Kiri Hua Durant.


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