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Neighbours exit for Karl Kennedy as iconic character torn apart from Susan for good?

NEIGHBOURS‘ legendary doctor Karl Kennedy and his wife Susan Kennedy have had their fair share of heartbreak over the years, but they could be ready to divorce as the Channel 5 soap draws to a close.

On Neighbours, Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) had suffered more hardships than any marriage could ever encounter, with secrets and lies, affairs, and hidden children driving them to the edge of divorce. As one of the show’s most popular couples, the writers have always made sure they reconcile in the end, and they appear to be stronger than ever on the Channel 5 soap in recent years. Karl, on the other hand, maybe leave the program after nearly three decades because he will find himself in a situation that would end his relationship.

Following recent developments on Ramsay Street, the actor who plays Karl, Alan, has spoken out about his character’s impending plot in a new interview.

His wife has had her hands full at the hospital while he has been focussing on aiding Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) with his many ailments and welcoming new colleague Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts).

Susan has been attempting to figure out who is behind all of the fires that are allegedly being set by her friend Jane Harris (Annie Jones).

They’ve also been assisting Paul and Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) with the dissolution of their marriage, but they may soon want assistance with their own relationship.

With only a few months until the program is set to finish, Alan has predicted that his alter-ego will make a “huge mistake.”

“Susan has realised that Karl is a deeply, deeply flawed person and she can’t change him so she just has to accept his flaws and learn to love them,” Alan explained.

“Although this is a bit of a spoiler notice, Karl is about to make another huge, huge, huge mistake.”

“And it’s not an affair,” he teased, hinting his character could get divorced from Susan for another reason if they decide to split for good.

What he might get up to is unknown, but given that he is one of Ramsay Street’s most nosy characters, it wouldn’t take him long to get himself into trouble.

Unfortunately, while he believes it is a simple misunderstanding, his wife may see it as an opportunity for her husband to expose his true colors.

She may file for divorce if she can no longer bear the pain, and if her husband begs her to give him another chance, she may tell him he has just run out of them.

The doctor could acknowledge defeat, seeing no way back for their marriage, but he knew it would be too difficult to see his wife about Ramsay Street.

As a result, after joining the show in 1994, he could say his goodbyes to Erinsborough and retire on his own, bringing his voyage to a close.

Viewers would be left wondering what happened to the beloved figure and if Susan and he ever met off-screen.

It would be a devastating finish to the show, but it would be a fitting tribute to everything the couple has been through over the previous 28 years.

“I think we get amazing stories,” Alan said during an interview with Studio 10 in Australia about the couple’s love affair.

“Which is the key to any good drama and any good relationship but you’ve also got to have a good relationship with the person you’re working with.

“Jackie and I have been great mates for many, many years and it’s the way we work together. She basically directs me in everything I do and I try to direct her in everything she does.

“We do it without ego and it’s just a very cooperative and fun relationship,” he added.

The actor also talked about how it feels like the show is coming to an end this summer, with Channel 5 declining to renew a deal that would allow the show to air in the UK.

In response to speculations that the show could be picked up by another British broadcaster, Alan commented, “It’s really up and down a little bit.”

He added: “You kind of expect these things are going to happen.

“You have to steel yourself as an actor, you’re on a one-year contract and you go, ‘Ok, the show could end at any time for me.’

“I think of the hundreds of people who are not going to be working anymore.

“And, most of all, the fans because Neighbours isn’t like Squid Game, you know, where you watch one season and you go, ‘Oh, they ought to do another season.”

Neighbours is a part of people’s life, and I’m sorry that it’s coming to an end,” he concluded, alluding to his character’s story’s conclusion.

More than 50,000 fans have signed a petition to keep the show on the air, according to the latest developments.

It is close to reaching 60,000 members, but it is unclear whether this will be enough to save the program.

The original theme song for the show shot to the top of the iTunes rankings earlier this month, but it fell short of becoming the number one song.


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