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Neighbours Freya theories – Levi revenge link to boyfriend’s killer gang ties

Freya Wozniak and Levi Canning are collaborating to track down Freya’s ‘cousin,’ Gareth Bateman, but who is she really? Fans of Neighbours can’t wait to find out.

In the hunt for her ‘cousin’ Gareth Bateman, Freya Wozniak was recently caught red-handed on Neighbours, when viewers watched her hack a police computer.

She tried to locate him using police officer Levi Canning’s computer, but her activities have made many Ramsay Street residents, especially Roxy Willis, suspicious of Freya’s true identity and motivations for locating the enigmatic Gareth.

After Roxy stormed into Freya’s house in quest of answers, Freya attacked her with a knife, prompting viewers to speculate on social media about her true motives.

Theories are now rife about Freya’s true identity

One fan said: “Freya’s definitely got something to hide,” while a second added: “I hope we find what Freya wants before Channel 5 axes Neighbours.”

A third added: “Roxy, Ned and Harlow are on a mission to find info on Freya,” with a fourth making a reference to a past Neighbours storyline, saying: “Roxy climbing through the window of Freya’s home was a great reminder of Charlene’s arrival on Ramsey Street. Another reason why Neighbours was great #SaveNeighbours”

However, according to Neighbours spoilers, Freya’s search for Gareth will soon cause difficulties for policeman Levi, as he goes against his family’s wishes and assists her.

Despite all the trouble Freya has brought him, Levi risks his life to assist her in finding him – but at what cost?

However, it is too late, and when Freya and Levi visit a South Melbourne Market, they encounter some shady characters and end up in danger.

Will the odd duo be able to get home safely despite their path on Gareth being cold? Or have they gotten themselves into too much trouble? The audience will have to wait and see what happens.

With the developing tensions and suspicions surrounding Freya and Gareth, fans have begun to wonder if Gareth is who Freya claims he is, with one commenting on social media that “Gareth has to be more than Freya’s cousin.”

Other fans are even more perplexed as to why Freya is so eager to engage Levi in her investigation, with one speculating, “Could Levi have truly arrested Freya’s relative at some point?” Either that, or she’s linked to the boys who attacked him when he was a kid, and she wants vengeance?”

When Kyle Canning and Roxy beg him not to aid her, Roxy invites the Police Sergeant’s wife Wendy around for afternoon tea with the hidden goal of exposing Levi’s plans.

However, Freya actress Phoebe Roberts claimed in an exclusive interview with Daily Star that Gareth is actually her lover, and that her search will lead to one of the Neighbours‘ most dramatic storylines.

Phoebe said: “Gareth, Freya’s boyfriend, went missing four months ago in the middle of the night, and she’s been trying to find him ever since.”

She added: “All of Freya’s fears are really confirmed by what unfolds. I think viewers will be surprised at how some of the other characters deal with Freya’s presence in the town – she’s not treated well by a lot of the characters.

“I think that they will be pretty surprised at how full on it gets in the peak of this story.”


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