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Neighbours’ Freya Wozniak to go on the attack after Roxy Willis breaks in



Neighbours’ In the upcoming episodes, Freya Wozniak fights Roxy Willis after Roxy breaks into her residence.

Freya (Phoebe Roberts) has begun dating Levi Canning (Richie Morris), but she has a hidden motive, ostensibly looking for a mystery man. The only person skeptical of Freya is Roxy (Zima Anderson), which leads to a conflict between the two.

Roxy is convinced to get to know Freya better in subsequent scenes on Channel 5 and 10 Peach as she makes her doubts known, but the girl’s day out only leaves Roxy with more questions than before.

Roxy asks Freya questions about her life, but she remains evasive, making Roxy even more desperate to figure out what she’s concealing.

Roxy decides to break into Freya’s house and climb through a window as a last resort.

Inside, Roxy is thrown to the ground by Freya, who snatches her huge and intimidating hunting knife (in a scene that was previously teased in the 2022 promo last month). Despite the fact that the situation de-escalates, all parties remain shaken.

Freya is irritated by the break-in and begins to push Levi away, while Roxy is more convinced than ever that Freya is concealing something, despite her concerns being dismissed.

Levi is torn between giving Freya space and going to see her about what occurred, and it appears that their romance is starting to wane.

Levi soon sets up a romantic rendezvous with Freya and appears to have won her over. However, she remains elusive and averse to discussing her personal life.

Roxy persuades Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) and Ned Willis (Ben Hall) to accompany her to Benalla, where the Wozniak’s are said to have originated. The group tries to piece together information about Freya’s life, but they are initially unsuccessful.

Will Roxy discover something in Benalla that will aid in the discovery of Freya’s secret?


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