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Neighbours’ Hendrix Greyson and Mackenzie Hargreaves are caught up in Zara’s lies


Zara Selwyn, a newcomer to Neighbours, has made a decision she may come to regret: she lied about Hendrix Greyson to impress the cruel girls at school.

Zara (Freya Van Dyke) is having trouble fitting in at Erinsborough High School, so she has made it her mission to impress her classmates Sadie Rodwell and Aubrey Laing.

Zara took her efforts a step further in Wednesday’s program on Channel 5, enlisting the help of Hendrix Greyson (Ben Turland).

Zara eagerly said that they work together at Harold’s Café and are great friends when Sadie (Emerald Chan) and Aubrey (Etoile Little) disclosed that they both have crushes on Hendrix – stretching the facts just a touch.

Zara’s allegations were met with skepticism by Sadie and Aubrey, but the new student had a chance to prove them when they ran across Hendrix near Lassiters Lake.

As he worked out shirtless, Hendrix became the center of attention. Zara took advantage of the opportunity to invite him over to spend time with her and the other girls once he was finished.

Hendrix accepted the invitation and demonstrated that he and Zara were pals.

This impressed Sadie and Aubrey a little, but after Hendrix was gone, Zara couldn’t stop herself from going overboard.

Zara said that Hendrix was just a matter of time before dumping his present girlfriend Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) in favor of her, implying that Hendrix was not serious about her. They may have been [in love], but he informed me they’re considering calling it quits.

“He said he’s met someone else – someone he has great chemistry with. Just you wait.”

Mackenzie has previously warned Hendrix that Zara has an apparent crush on him and that he should be careful not to feed it, but her worst worries appear to be coming true.

Will Zara’s lies catch up with her, or will she succeed in causing difficulties for the couple?


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