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Neighbours horror after major character killed off as terrifying plot concludes?

NEIGHBOURS watchers will be surprised in upcoming scenes on the Channel 5 soap, as one of the main characters in a current plotline will be leaving the program just months after being the center of a mysterious plan.

Gareth Bateman (Jack Pearson) has been the talk of the town since his love, Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts), appeared on Neighbours earlier this year, looking for him. Since then, Levi Canning (Richie Morris) has taken it upon himself to assist in the search for the newcomer to the Channel 5 soap, and viewers will get their first look of him in this week’s episodes. However, a gun is implicated, and several characters are left battling for their lives, but one of them will not be returning to Erinsborough.

Gareth will make his appearance in this week’s episodes following months of speculation as he takes his lover prisoner.

Freya is on her way to the River Bend with a group of her pals who are also involved in the drama.

Gareth not only shoots Levi, but he also beats Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) to a pulp, leaving David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) to try to save his husband’s life.

Viewers will be left wondering who survives the trauma, but as the dust settles by the start of next week, everything will become obvious.

It will be revealed that Gareth was the one who was killed, but there appears to be more to his death than meets the eye.

David, who is reeling from what happened and struggling to conceal his guilt, is one individual who has been profoundly touched by Gareth’s death.

The doctor’s trauma is exacerbated as he begins to recall the visitor, who appears to have played a role in Gareth’s death.

Freya, who appears to be one of the competitors in the race to be a killer, is also on edge about the situation.

She is concerned about what the coroner’s report may reveal about how her partner died, and she is taken aback by the news that she will be interviewed again.

She reassures David that the deceased was never going to make it out alive, knowing that he, too, will be interviewed.

Although this was intended to calm David’s emotions, it simply serves to increase his guilt, and the investigation’s fate is still uncertain.

It’s unclear whether anyone else killed in the terrifying encounter, though Aaron’s death is a possibility.

If this is the case, David would have had a reason to kill Gareth because he would have had the beloved character’s blood on his hands.

The cops might start piecing together the puzzle pieces and realize David’s dread is genuine and guilt-ridden.

Is this the end for David if he gives the authorities whatever they want regarding Gareth’s tragic death on a silver platter?


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