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Neighbours icon Beth Brennan returns to Ramsay Street in heartbreaking death twist?

NEIGHBOURS’ Beth Brennan hasn’t been seen on Ramsay Street in years, but with the Channel 5 soap nearing the end of its run later this year, she could make her long-awaited return.

Beth (Natalie Imbruglia) last appeared on Neighbours in 1994, following a two-year run on Ramsay Street that was riddled with drama. The Channel 5 soap star went on to become the mother of Ned Willis (Ben Hall), a regular character on the show, but the two have never been together onscreen. This could all change soon, as the legendary inhabitant may realize she is dying and will have to tell her son the truth face to face.

Although she has been mentioned on multiple times, the former Ramsay Street resident has not been a prominent mother figure in Ned’s life.

This is because Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou), Brad Willis’ (Scott Michaelson) ex-wife, has stepped into the role.

Though Beth is still alive and well in Australia, it has been stated that the writers are attempting to bring back ghosts from the past as the program is set to conclude this year.

With this in mind, and after being at the center of so much turmoil in the show’s early days, executives may be tempted to murder off a beloved character.

Beth may be the character they want to do this to because she has an estranged connection with her son and would have to return to Erinsborough to try to make peace.

Ned may be surprised to find his mother on Ramsay Street, and things between her and Terese may be unpleasant given their shared previous lover, Brad.

When Beth says that she only has a few weeks to live and that she wants to die at her son’s side, the air may defrost a little.

After missing out on so much time with his mother, Ned would do everything he could to show her his accomplishments.

This could allow fans to take a journey down memory lane, as he has been at the center of several major plotlines in recent years.

As the tour of Ramsay Street draws to a close, it’s possible that the show’s end, as well as Beth’s, may be marked in a nostalgic fashion.

Natalie, the actress who played Beth from 1992 to 1994, has just spoken out about repeating her role 28 years later.

Speaking in an interview, she said: “I’d consider it, yes.

“I would consider going back, I think it would be lovely to walk through those doors. I mean, I probably won’t recognise anyone – not even my [on screen] son,” she told The Mirror.

In response to a question about the show’s conclusion, Natalie added: “I think we just assumed it would continue on forever at this point, so people are lobbying. Let’s hope they’re successful.

“There’s a character on the show who’s my son! I mean, I think it’d be devastating. What’s going to happen to my son?” she said on Heart Radio.

Viewers will have to wait and see what the future holds for the program, but showrunners have promised pyrotechnics as fans prepare to say their goodbyes to several favorite characters.

Jason Herbison, executive producer, said: “Neighbours has accomplished a lot, and we’re really proud of it.

“We see the next few months as being a huge celebration for the show with a bit of everything for viewers. Any ending will be respectful of the past, the present and always open to a future,” he told MediaWeek.

There is presently no other British broadcaster that has agreed to carry up the show on their network, with the conclusion set for the summer.

Celebrities and fans have banded together to save the weekday serial from cancellation, with a number of well-known personalities speaking out on television over the show’s demise.

Keith Duffy of Boyzone and Brian McFadden of Westlife recently spoke on 5 News about the show and appealed with another network to keep it.

Brian began the public petition by saying: “To be honest, we didn’t come in to talk about the music; we came in to find out what had occurred with Neighbours.

“What is going on? We’re here on behalf of the Irish people who love Neighbours, to protest,” he continued.

Keith, a former Coronation Street actor, said: “Natalie Imbruglia… Kylie Minogue… Where will the next generation of Australian vocalists go?

“Bring back Neighbours,” he declared as he and Brian made their views on the decision very clear.

Rob Mills, who played the show’s villain Finn Kelly, has also spoken out on Instagram over the show’s cancellation.

He wrote in a lengthy post: “I am deeply saddened to hear the news about the possibility of @neighbours finishing up in June.

“It’s an institution. A living, breathing, creative machine that has employed 1000’s of people over the 37 plus years it’s been bringing Australian stories to life.

“I can’t help but think if this were mining or aviation, the government would step in and help.

“If they are all about Jobs Jobs Jobs like they say they are… well, this show employs hundreds if not 1000s of Aussies every single year.”


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