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Neighbours left furious after ‘phantom plant plucker’ steals plants and damages gardens

The green-fingered digger has uprooted shrubs and stolen cherished pot plants and succulents from enraged neighbors’ gardens. As a result, 250 people in Sydney’s St Andrews region have been told to be on the lookout for the suburban prowler. Many of the victims were left “upset” by the incident and are now assisting the police in their search for the alleged perpetrator.

“Well, honestly, we had quite a few hits from her,” claimed neighborhood resident Rob Lillis.

“A few pots went first, just small pots, perhaps enough for her to carry, and the rest of the plants were just random.”

“She merely took them out as she needed them.” They’re not particularly valuable, but they’re a source of pride for you, and you treasure them.”

Rob viewed his surveillance cameras and noticed a hooded person with a backpack slung over their shoulder.

“As soon as I saw her disguised, I thought to myself, sure, we’re not the only ones she’s struck,” he continued.

Furthermore, video from another street shows a person leaning down to pick up plants with their bare hands and putting them in a bag.

Some operations took conducted in the dead of night, while others took place in broad daylight, according to accounts.

However, several victims claim that the robber ignores dead plants and only targets the healthy ones.

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