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Neighbours’ Leo Tanaka reaches a turning point over Britney Barnes’s death


Leo Tanaka of Neighbours has agreed to put his grudge against Terese Willis for Britney Barnes‘ death to rest.

After his on-again, off-again girlfriend died in the Flamingo Bar disaster, Leo has been seeking for someone to blame.

After learning that Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) had delayed raising the alarm on the night of the terrible storm, Leo confronted her angrily last week.

He also pondered filing a lawsuit, believing that someone should be held accountable for what had happened to Britney.

In Thursday’s Channel 5 broadcast, Leo’s attitude began to shift after he had time to dwell on recent events and realized that Terese was not to blame.

In the Lassiters complex, Leo caught up with Terese and informed her: “Forget about the legal issues I mentioned yesterday. I shouldn’t have reacted in such away.

“It was unfair and uncalled for. I’m really sorry.”

Terese accepted the apology but quickly moved on to another critical issue: Leo’s current attitude toward infant Abigail.

Since Abigail fell from the sofa while in his care last week, Leo has kept his distance from her.

Terese noticed that Leo appeared to be feeling remorseful and attempted to persuade him to move on from the incident.

Unfortunately, this appeared to be easier said than done, and even a fishing excursion with some Ramsay Street neighbors didn’t seem to help him feel better.

Leo will urge his brother David (Takaya Honda) and brother-in-law Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) to assume full custody of Abigail in the next scenes.

Tim Kano, who plays Leo, told Digital Spy recently: “Aaron is eager to confront Abigail. When they assumed Abigail was their daughter, they’d already built a deep attachment.

“But I know David, Chloe and a lot of the other characters feel that Leo is making a mistake. They try to suggest to him that keeping her on would be the better idea.”


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