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Neighbour’s Phoebe Roberts real life with boyfriend Nick Crosby away from Freya Wozniak role


Fans of Neighbours believe Phoebe Roberts‘ character, Freya Wozniak, is going to cause trouble, thus she has been the focus of their attention.

After a horrific catastrophe struck Erinsborough, the new and mysterious woman first emerged. The beautiful wedding of Roxy and Kyle, which was attended by many fans, ended in tragedy when popular Britney Barnes died.

Phoebe, on the other hand, isn’t as difficult outside of the soap as she is on set because she hails from a well-known Australian family.

How old is Phoebe and where is she from?

Phoebe is 26 years old, having been born on August 21, 1995. After her great-grandparents emigrated from England, the actress now resides in Melbourne with her family, who are originally from Victoria.

She hails from a famous Australian family known for their sporting prowess, and she is building a name for herself in the acting field.

Michael Roberts, her father, is a former Australian Football League (AFL) player who was recruited from Beaumaris in Victoria and played for St Kilda.

Neil Roberts, her grandmother, is an AFL hero who played in the Victorian Football League and was awarded the Brownlow Medal, which is given to the “best and fairest” players.

Michael and Andrea, her mother, live in a beautiful Victorian home erected in 1884.

What else has Phoebe appeared in?

Phoebe is represented by LA-based management company Silver Lining Entertainment and Australian agency Profile Talent, and this isn’t her first acting role.

Her most famous roles are Lie With Me, Netflix’s Glitch and Utopia, Ja’mie Private School Girl, and Nowhere Boys.

Phoebe also appeared in a British soap opera, Doctors, in which she played Amy Minto in the episode ‘Humble Pie.’

Who is Phoebe dating?

Nick Crosby, Phoebe’s boyfriend, has been her boyfriend since 2018.

The duo like sharing photos of themselves as they travel around Australia, stopping in beautiful places like Tazmania and Byron Bay.


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