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Neighbours planned to axe Karl and Susan Kennedy, former network exec reveals

According to a former network official, Karl and Susan Kennedy were saved from the chopping block during the show’s redesign.

Dan Bennett, who previously worked in the capacity for Network 10 in Australia, recently took to Twitter to reveal some behind-the-scenes information as the long-running serial nears its conclusion.

Bennett revealed in a fascinating thread that one of his first responsibilities when Neighbours was revamped in 2007 was to squash the concept of the Kennedys quitting the show.

He wrote on Twitter: “The most difficult challenge I had was persuading the producers to maintain Karl and Susan. There was a document regarding suggested modifications to Neighbours on the day I started work, and the one I had to crush right away was the Karl & Susan one. That is to say…”

The popular couple initially emerged on our televisions in 1994 and have since remained a consistent presence on Ramsay Street.

Susan actress Jackie Woodburne recently admitted that she’s “in shock” and “overwhelmed” by the decision to call time on the soap, describing her colleagues as “more than a family.”

“These are people that all choose to be there and we work so fast and we care so passionately about the show, and we respect the show and we respect the fans,” she said.

“And we have so much fun. I mean, I have laughed more in the 27 years than I probably should have and been paid at the same time.”

Channel 5 discontinued its 14-year relationship with the show due to financial constraints. Fans had been signing and sharing a petition, but it was announced last week (March 3) that it would be ending.

On Instagram, Alan Fletcher, who plays Dr. Karl Kennedy, wrote: “This is a very sad day. I’d want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the millions of fans who have supported our classic drama for the past 37 years.”


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