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Neighbours reveal downward spiral for Leo Tanaka after death tragedy


Neighbours’ Leo Tanaka spirals following the death of Britney Barnes in episodes airing next week.

Britney (Montana Cox) died tragically in the storm disaster, only a few months after she and Leo (Tim Kano) rekindled their romance. Leo was also left as a single parent to their baby daughter Abigail as a result of the tragedy.

Leo struggles with grief in upcoming sequences on Channel 5 and 10 Peach and is unable to stop thinking about Britney’s death.

Despite his friends and family’s offers of assistance, he tries to manage work at the vineyard by parenting Abigail largely on his own.

Later, Leo makes it apparent that he plans to sue and hold someone responsible for Britney’s death. Everyone else attempts to talk him out of going to court.

Leo learns some of the circumstances of that night’s events and holds Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) accountable. Terese had been directed to evacuate the Flamingo Bar, but she was sidetracked for a brief while, forcing her to arrive slightly late.

With children, work, and legal action all on his mind, Leo continues to burn himself out to the point of fatigue.

Then, following a mistake of judgment, an accident involving Abigail occurs, leaving Leo fearful of the worst. What is the severity of the accident, and what will Leo’s reaction be?

Next week, Paul Robinson expects he and Terese will reconcile, and Levi Canning begins dating Freya Wozniak, a mystery woman.


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