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Neighbours reveal dramatic 2022 return stories in 11 new spoiler pictures

Your full collection of photos reveals what’s ahead on Ramsay Street in the week commencing Monday, January 3.

It’s the aftermath of Terese’s big cliffhanger, Paul is horrified by the dramatic turn of events.

Terese gets the help she needs, The season finale ended with Terese hanging perilously from the roof of Lassiters. Fortunately, Paul is on hand to come to the rescue.

Paul is terrified It’s a nail-biting moment as he gets Terese to safety.

Terese breaks down, She’s in no doubt over what a close call she had.

Paul is relieved, He came dangerously close to losing Terese.

Paul will want answers over what happened, In the aftermath, he’s quick to blame Harlow for walking away from Terese when she needed support.

Terese’s predicament could cause another rift in the Robinson family, Paul and David are left to consider Roxy’s theory that Harlow is becoming just like her father.

Glen pays Terese a visit, Everyone is still concerned for Terese after the hotel roof incident.

Harlow watches on, She’s still suspicious over Glen’s motives.

Harlow secretly follows Glen, Glen is unaware that he’s being watched.

Glen could be in trouble, With Harlow particularly keen to find out what’s in Glen’s safe, will she find out that he has stolen Terese’s wedding ring?


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