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Neighbours reveals surprise passion for Ned Willis and Harlow Robinson

Neighbours will witness an unexpected love affair between Ned Willis and Harlow Robinson.

The two protagonists become close after becoming separated at the River Bend holiday, amidst the drama of Gareth Bateman’s kidnapping of Freya Wozniak.

When Ned (Ben Hall) and Harlow (Jemma Donovan) hear gunshots and realize Levi Canning is missing, they set out to find him. They grab a map but fail to see it falls to the ground by accident.

The area has no phone reception, either.

Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) is disturbed by what she and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) discovered at River Bend – Aaron Brennan battling for his life, Levi shot in the arm, and Gareth dead – in scenes appearing next week in the UK on Channel 5.

She wants to see Ned, but concern grows when both he and Harlow have not returned.

At River Bend, Ned and Harlow are still hopelessly lost, so they decide to seek refuge and wait for aid. They eventually get near a waterfall, where things start to get heated. They become more intimate and move in for a kiss…

Amy persuades Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) to assist her in her hunt for Ned, in the hopes of resuming their relationship. The search party arrives at River Bend in the hopes of finding Ned and Harlow before dark.

When the drama is ended and Ned and Harlow return to Erinsborough, Amy is left wondering what Ned wants because he doesn’t respond right away.

Ned tells Kyle about what transpired between him and Harlow, and he’s undecided about how to react to Amy.

Amy’s daughter Zara Selwyn (Freya Van Dyke), whose presence was the catalyst for Amy and Ned’s breakup in the first place, attempts to persuade Ned to reconcile with Amy. But Ned is still undecided – until Amy surprises him with a sweet gesture.

Ned’s feelings for Amy have resurfaced, and despite Harlow’s best efforts, he and Amy are once again together.


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