Neighbours reveals who’ll be playing Hendrix Greyson’s sister Alana

    Alana Greyson, Hendrix Greyson’s sister, has been cast in Neighbours.

    Alana will make her first appearance as part of Hendrix’s major new storyline next week.

    In the upcoming episodes, Hendrix realizes that he will have to notify his family that he has pulmonary fibrosis.

    Hendrix travels to Sydney to see his father Pierce, mother Lisa, and sister Alana, accompanied by his girlfriend Mackenzie Hargreaves.

    He initially refuses to tell his family the truth since he is fed up with everyone in Erinsborough treating him unfairly.

    Alana, on the other hand, is the one who notices Hendrix acting strangely, forcing him to confess that he is gravely ill and needs a lung transplant.

    Alana has been portrayed by Molly Broadstock. The newbie to the show is most recognized for her role as Bella in the Australian comedy-drama series Mustangs FC.

    Ben Turland, who plays Hendrix, told Digital Spy: “Molly has been great. Finding the love between a brother and sister has been really fun to explore.

    “We’ll see how Hendrix acts as a big brother. He feels quite guilty that he hasn’t been there for his sister.

    “It’s been really good and Molly is great. We connected and established this sibling relationship, especially as we see the two characters in their homes in Sydney.

    “They weren’t just sets – we got to be in some real-life homes and it felt like we were a family.”

    Beatrix Van Vliet will play Hendrix’s half-sister, Lisa’s toddler daughter Maeve, who will appear briefly in the episode.


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