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Neighbours’ Roxy Willis to make a big decision over her future with Kyle

In forthcoming episodes of Neighbours, Roxy Willis and Kyle Canning make a major decision concerning their future.

Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milligan) married last month, and this week they visit a fertility clinic to explore the prospect of having a kid through IVF.

Roxy wants to start a family, as seen in scenes appearing next week on Channel 5 (and later this month on 10 Peach).

She believes that life is too short, especially in light of recent events.

Her spouse concurs, and they are both looking forward to becoming parents. Terese Willis, on the other hand, is not on board (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

Terese is concerned that the couple is rushing towards having a baby and that they should take more time to consider it. Is she correct, and will her position influence Roxy and Kyle’s decision?

It’s not the first time Roxy and Kyle have been informed they’re jumping into things too quickly.

Roxy’s mother, Gemma, was originally opposed to the couple marrying because she was afraid that they hadn’t thought through their future plans. Gemma eventually changed her mind and granted her approval.

The new plotline for Roxy and Kyle corresponds with Leo Tanaka’s choice regarding baby Abigail.

Leo is shaken by a chat he has with Roxy and Kyle this week, and he quickly changes his mind and returns Abigail, devastating Aaron Brennan.


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