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Neighbours’ Sheila Canning to make surprise exit from Erinsborough

Sheila Canning, the matriarch of the Neighbours, will be leaving Erinsborough next week due to a family issue.

After receiving some unsettling news, Sheila flies to Los Angeles to support her daughter Naomi.

Sheila’s grandsons Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Levi (Richie Morris) will learn in the coming scenes that she is planning to travel to the United States because Naomi’s boyfriend has become ill.

When Sheila arrives in LA, news of Naomi’s boyfriend’s death reaches Ramsay Street.

Sheila promises to stay to help Naomi and her partner’s three children, as Naomi now has to care for her partner’s three children and feels out of her depth.

While Sheila will appear on film as usual in the coming days, all of next week’s “departure” sequences will feature her off-screen and her family members debating her decision to go.

Last week, Digital Spy contacted Neighbours to ask if Sheila’s departure is temporary or permanent, and we will update fans if the show responds.

When a fan wondered why Colette Mann, who plays Sheila, wasn’t in some behind-the-scenes photos with her Canning family co-stars, she hinted that she wasn’t currently on set.

She replied: “Not there… it seems!”

When their shot was one of the only ones not updated in the new Neighbours opening titles, fans became curious about future changes for the Canning family.

Sheila first appeared on Neighbours in 2012 and has since played a pivotal role in many of the Ramsay Street tragedies, frequently interfering in her family’s love life.

Colette had previously featured in Neighbours, filling in for Caroline Gillmer in the character of Cheryl Stark for eight weeks in 1995 when she became ill.


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