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Neighbours Spoilers – Amy wants a baby with Ned

Amy and Ned are back together next week on Neighbours in the UK, but a surprise from Amy forces Ned to make a difficult decision: is he ready for parenthood?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, March 21st, and in Australia on Thursday, April 7th.

What a whirlwind couple of years it’s been for Amy (Jacinta Stapleton).

After a 20-year hiatus, she returned to Erinsborough in 2020 to answer to a tender to design Lassiters’ new outfits.

She was on the verge of being accused of stealing ideas from her former airline, but was saved by the emotional support of Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan), with whom she eventually fell in love.

After Shane and his separated wife Dipi (Sharon Johal) reconciled, she moved to Queensland and worked as the marketing manager for the Far North Hotel for a short time.

After confessing to causing a fire – which was actually started by her daughter Zara – she was fired from her post, and she returned to Erinsborough a few months later to take over as manager of the Flamingo Bar.

Since her return, her life has been more hectic than ever before.

Her polyamorous relationship with Ned (Ben Hall) and Levi (Richie Morris) was put on pause indefinitely when her daughter Zara (Freya Van Dyke) showed up unexpectedly and expressed her displeasure with her mother’s unconventional relationship.

Then there was the Flamingo Bar disaster, which claimed the lives of Britney Barnes (Montana Cox) and Amy’s managing position when Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Paul (Stefan Dennis) opted not to rebuild the bar.

She was laid off and decided to buy a shabby food truck on the spur of the moment, launching a new career as ‘The Drinks Diva.’

Not to mention the several fires at Erinsborough High and Ramsay Street, which everyone blamed on Zara, even Amy. After putting the brakes on her relationships with Ned and Levi, she’s forced to deal with the most of it on her alone — or with the help of her old buddy Toadie (Ryan Moloney).

Now that Zara is no longer responsible for the fires, she offered Amy her okay for her and Ned to get back together – and she asked him if he’d consider it right before he left with half of Ramsay Street for River Bend.

He needed some time to think about it, so they agreed to talk about it when they returned. He did, however, enjoy a surprise kiss with Harlow (Jemma Donovan) while he was away, and he didn’t mind it. He spends the next several days split between the two of them, unsure if something new and exciting with Harlow is exactly what he needs after the difficulties of his Amy relationship.

He makes up his mind after Amy makes a great romantic gesture in the hopes of winning him over, and he and Amy are back on!

But how long is it going to last? Amy is about to throw Ned a significant curveball, one that will put his loyalty to his on-again, off-again girlfriend to the test.

In recent weeks, Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milligan) have been embarking on a parenting adventure, with Roxy now desperate to become pregnant as soon as possible.

In the upcoming episodes, she believes she is on a lucky run and is determined to capitalize on it by doing everything she can to conceive. Her joy rubs off on Amy, who over lunch thinks on her own unwanted pregnancies.

Despite Amy’s recent problems with Zara, her conversation with Roxy inspires her to contemplate having another child.

When she reveals this desire to Ned, he’s in shock.

It’s not a no, but it’s something he hasn’t considered before, and he needs to do some real soul searching. After all, they were just on a break a few days ago and were previously in a three-way relationship.

When Ned discovers that Harlow is going to London, he becomes distracted and wonders whether she is taking the trip to get away from him. When he confronts her about it, she denies it, but things get awkward, and it’s evident that the kiss has harmed their friendship.

While Amy attempts to give Ned some room to ponder, she can’t seem to stop herself from bringing up the subject of babies at every turn.

What is Ned’s decision going to be?


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