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Neighbours Spoilers – David and Freya hide a huge secret!

Next week on Neighbours, David, Freya, and Glen grapple with the events at River Bend, with all three concealing life-altering secrets.

Our Ramsay Street favorites are still reeling from the dramatic excursion to River Bend this week, as they try to make sense of what happened.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) was brutally beaten by Gareth and is now battling for his life.

Freya (Phoebe Richards) had been kidnapped by Gareth, and he was trying to save her. He told her to be quiet while he snuck around the side of Gareth’s van, attempting to disarm him, but his plan backfired when Gareth heard him and attacked him with his wrench.

Aaron’s life was only saved by David’s (Takaya Honda) last-minute arrival at the distant resort.

David had initially declined the trip, but changed his mind at the last minute. When he arrived, he saw his spouse on the side of the road, bloodied and battered, and stitched him up as best he could with a first aid kit.

David believes he can relax now that Aaron is safe in Erinsborough Hospital… until Aaron’s condition becomes life-threatening. Everyone is waiting with bated breath as he is hurried into emergency surgery.

Will he wake up?

David isn’t simply thinking about Aaron; he’s also feeling guilty for another reason.

Gareth is dead. But how?

David’s guilt is eating him alive, and Freya must tell him that Gareth was never going to live. Freya’s words, however, are ineffective, and he is trying to live with himself.

He’s plagued by memories of Gareth, and he’s in a horrible place that’s just growing worse by the day.

Do you think that will be enough for David to deal with next week? Unfortunately, you’d be mistaken…

Dean Covey (Travis Cotton), an Erinsborough Hospital cleaner, has taken notice of him, and the two have developed a close connection in recent months. David had told Dean about his and Aaron’s recent disagreements, including whether or not to seek custody of Abigail when Leo (Tim Kano) had second thoughts about parenting.

Unfortunately, Dean is looking for more than simply companionship. After a traumatic relationship, he’s freshly single and seeking for something more with David.

Aaron was already envious of the two’s budding connection, but David reassured him that he shouldn’t be concerned — they’re just friends.

Dean, on the other hand, goes in for a kiss this week! David is taken aback; he realizes that Aaron was correct all along, that Dean did have a crush on him, and that he should have trusted his husband more.

After the shock kiss, he pushes Dean away and warns him to quit interfering with his marriage.

However, following the dramatic events of River Bend, David is disappointed when Dean refuses to leave him alone the next week. Furthermore, Dean is pressing David to inform Aaron about their kiss, most likely in the hopes that it will be enough to cause Aaron to leave their marriage, allowing them to pursue their own relationship…

David can’t believe what he’s hearing — the kiss was for naught, Aaron is recovering in the hospital, and he has no intention of bringing it up again.

Yet nothing stays secret for long on Ramsay Street…

Dean chooses to bypass the middleman and inform Aaron about his and David’s kiss!

David is naturally enraged and confronts Dean, but Dean argues that all he was trying to do was help.

Dean’s preoccupation is not only impacting his personal life, but it is also affecting David’s professional life. He realizes that he has no choice except to denounce Dean’s inappropriate behavior to the hospital board, which begins a bitter feud.

Has David underestimated Dean? What will his next move be?

What will Aaron’s reaction be when he hears about the kiss? Could this be the beginning of the end for one of Ramsay Street’s most established couples? They’ve been on the rocks for months.

Glen’s (Richard Huggett) biggest secret is about to be disclosed somewhere else.

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) has long suspected Glen of concealing something, and she came close to learning more about his past when she hired a private investigator to look into him.

However, when Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) was discovered hanging off the edge of Lassiers’ roof, any attempts to uncover the truth seemed to be forgotten. Until now, that is.

River Bend serves as a catalyst for the truth to be revealed. Glen is the father of a daughter.

At River Bend, he and Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson) bonded as they worked together to investigate the gunshots that resonated throughout the forest, and it appeared that Glen’s interest in her was more than just a passing fancy.

Glen’s mind is still on Kiri when he returns to Erinsborough, and he finally admits to Terese that she is his daughter.

Kiri arrives in Erinsborough, eager to spend more time with Nicolette, with whom she enjoyed a kiss while getting to know each other by the river. He and Nicolette get into an argument, and no one can figure out what Glen’s problem is.

Will he come clean that he’s her dad?

He decides to keep it hidden because he fears the truth would cause him agony… But he’s having trouble bonding with his long-lost daughter.

How long until this secret is revealed?


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