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Neighbours Spoilers – Levi and Freya kiss as her secrets unravel

Next week on Neighbours in the UK, newcomer Freya continues to turn heads on Ramsay Street, until Roxy explosively reveals her true intentions.

Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) had her Neighbours debut last week in the UK episodes, and she will make her Australian debut on Tuesday, January 25th. It doesn’t take long for her to make a beeline for Levi (Richie Morris), and romance appears to be on the cards.

Levi is newly single, having broken up with Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) when she put her relationship on hold indefinitely to spend more time with her daughter Zara (Freya Van Dyke).

Levi is resolved not to let another opportunity pass him by, having already passed on a prospective relationship with Felicity (Isabella Giovinazzo) as a result of his, Amy’s, and Ned’s polyamory.

He first caught sight of Freya when she was hanging around by the ruins of the Flamingo Bar, acting suspiciously as she searched for something in the wreckage.

Levi was left with more questions than answers as she said that she was looking for her scarf. He had no reason to be suspicious because no foul activity was suspected in the bar’s destruction, so he didn’t pursue the case any further.

In this week’s episodes, the two keep running into each other and rapidly become friends. It’s not long until Sheila (Colette Mann), who can’t stop herself from interfering in her grandson’s love life, tries to set the two up on a date, which Levi gladly accepts.

They go on a couple more dates, and a romantic spark develops quickly. Levi feels close enough to Freya on their second date — a steamy one in which the two walk to the Lassiters rooftop pool – to open up about his childhood suffering at the hands of bullies Mitch (Kevin Hofbauer) and Nelson (Rhys Mitchell).

At the start of next week in the UK (Monday 31st January), and one week later in Australia (Monday 7th February), the street comes together for another of Ramsay Street’s famous cricket matches.

It allows Levi to get to know Freya a bit better, and before long, they’re sharing an awkward kiss on the street. Levi even discovers why Freya came to Erinsborough in the first place, and while her explanation is unusual, Levi’s suspicions are quickly dispelled by their connection.

While Freya has persuaded Levi that she can be trusted, not everyone is convinced. Which Ramsay Street neighbor is dubious of her motives and initiates an investigation into her past?

The next day, Levi is persuaded by the feisty young firecracker to have a joyride in his police car. It’s out of character for the normally level-headed cop, but he caves in for the sake of his blossoming romance, and the two go on yet another fantastic date.

Yet their happiness may be short lived, as Freya’s true intentions are explosively revealed at the end of the episode airing in the UK on Tuesday 1st February, and in Australia on Tuesday 8th February.

Roxy catches Freya red-handed, and questions her intentions with Levi. However, it seems that Levi is so smitten by the new arrival that he couldn’t care less about what Roxy has to say.

Is Roxy just being paranoid, or is there really more to Freya than meets the eye?


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