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Neighbours Spoilers – Lives destroyed as a storm hits Erinsborough!

A violent storm engulfs Erinsborough next week on Neighbours, resulting in the death of someone.

These episodes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, January 17th, and in Australia on Wednesday, January 19th.

It’s the week of Kyle and Roxy’s wedding, but the mood is far from joyful.

Roxy (Zima Anderson) realizes that wedding planner Mick (Joel Creasey) has been rubbing everyone the wrong way, which sets the tone for the rest of the movie. He may be organizing the wedding well, but that won’t matter if he’s making their guests unhappy in the process.

She’s had enough when she discovers that a storm is expected to hit Erinsborough on her wedding day, and she calls the wedding off!

Kyle (Chris Mulligan) is eager to put their plan back together, so he enlists the support of his Ramsay Street pals, who all chip in to make the day happen.

Thankfully, it’s enough to convince the bride-to-be to go ahead with the wedding after all.

The skies over Erinsborough continue to darken as they make last preparations, and clouds begin to roll in. Forecasters anticipate gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour, and a worried Levi (Richie Morris) cautions Roxy that she may be walking down the aisle in turbulent weather.

However, nothing will stop the wedding now.

Despite the dreary weather, the wedding party is giddy with anticipation. Roxy is escorted down the aisle by her mother Gemma (Beth Buchanan), who has finally decided to bless Kyle and her daughter.

Susan (Jackie Woodburne) officiates the ceremony, and the young lovers are formally introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Willis.

Following the glitzy ceremony, the couple, their friends, and family gather at the Flamingo Bar to celebrate.

The party is in full swing inside the hut, but outside the weather is rapidly worsening.

The forecasted 100km gusts arrive, bringing plenty of thunder and lightning with them.

The Flamingo Bar’s decor may appeal to Kyle and Roxy more than Lassiters’ beautiful reception rooms, but a wooden hut might not be the ideal place to be in a storm.

Before they know it, the storm is directly overhead.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes. It collides with a telegraph pole, forcing it to fall and slam into the bar’s corrugated roof!

A bar has been demolished. People’s lives are going to alter forever.

Which Neighbours favorite has lost their life?

We go ahead a week in the episode after the storm. An emotional tribute is being held seven days after the wedding. But for whom is it intended?

Is it possible that the falling debris knocks out Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis)?

Paul has spent the last few months attempting to reclaim Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou). After finding that he paid Nicolette $1 million to remain away from Erinsborough, she kicked him out of her house, and they’ve been separated ever then.

Terese has been torn between her love for her divorced husband and her burgeoning feelings for his long-lost half brother since Glen arrived in town. She isn’t ready to say goodbye to Paul for good, but will the storm force her to make a decision?

Is this the end for Neighbours’ one remaining original character?

Will Tim Kano’s Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) meet his end? He hasn’t been back in Erinsborough for long, returning in the second half of 2021 from New York, eager to make amends with his family.

Just a few months later, he received the shock of his life when he learned that Britney, a woman with whom he had a brief connection while living in the United States, had given birth to his child and had gone to Australia in search of him. The two are steadily rediscovering their love, but is Leo about to be tragically taken away?

He’s awake and able to stand, but will he make it out alive with a gash across his cheek and blood splattered down his shirt?

Lassiters’ co-owner Terese Willis believes she is partially to blame for the tragic event. After all, the Flamingo Bar is Lassiters’ property, and it wouldn’t be the first time someone got hurt at her hotel.

She appears to be unharmed, but is she disregarding her own internal injuries because her main concern is the well-being of others around her?

Britney Barnes (Montana Cox) is knocked to the ground as well, since she is just inches from the massive telegraph pole that obliterated everything in its path.

She was ecstatic when Leo invited her to the wedding as her plus one, but she’s likely regretting it now.

Will Leo be forced to say goodbye to Britney just when he’s rediscovering his feelings for her?

Or will it be the newly married Kyle Willis who doesn’t survive?

As a result of his treatment, his immune system is already impaired. He is, however, determined to assist in the cleanup of the disaster, and rallies the troops to begin the cleanup operation throughout town — but is he about to go too far?

For the first time, Neighbours is broadcast in the United Kingdom before it is broadcast in Australia, and the two nations are growing apart by one episode per week.

The wedding of Roxy and Kyle, as well as the storm, will take place on Tuesday, January 18th, in the United Kingdom, and two days later, on Thursday, January 20th, in Australia.

Australian viewers will have to wait until Monday, January 24th to see the aftermath of the storm, while UK viewers will experience the poignant scenes on Wednesday, January 19th.


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